Local nonprofit needs bread for its lunch

We have peanut butter and jelly, got bread?
COLORADO SPRINGS- The news from the J&P is more fund-raising. This time it’s a cute play on “P&J” with a bread pun. Basically: We have the Peace & Justice, got Bling? There’s nothing on the calendar to indicate the J&P is inviting everyone to a picnic, nor any new activities that aren’t already paid for. Do they need bread for the staff lunch? I have this like-themed response: There’s plenty of bread, so, where’s the beef?

1 thought on “Local nonprofit needs bread for its lunch

  1. I have dealt with the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission. I must agree with what Eric has posted. Some board members think that Protesting and Chanting during a protest rally is violent. Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King, and John Lennon must be turning in thier graves, They protested, they chanted, and they never were classified as violent. I have even given them money but I stopped doing that when I saw that the money was going to waste. It raises suspicion when Jim White constantly asks for money and turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to the very people like myself who has given money to the PPJPC. I hope that the PPJPC will see the error of thier ways. I just forwarded a quote made by Cesar Chavez to the PPJPC The Cesar Chavez Quote is as follows “Sometimes nonviolence requires more militancy than Violence” What that quote means to me is that if you are an activist you can’t afford to be afraid of the status quo. It is O.K. to protest, it is O.K. to Chant. Maybe the PPJPC will follow this example, because if they don’t I predict that they will lose more support than they have lost now, and chances are they will have Jim White to thank for that when it comes to pass that the PPJPC is no longer in existance due to the lack of support.

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