Prince Harry plays anonymous sniper

All smiles behind the machine gunPrince Harry, it’s been disclosed, has been taking his winter holiday in Afghanistan, fighting the resurgent “Terry Taliban” in the Helmand Province, and calling in air strikes like any ordinary [armed] bloke. The UK and international press were colluding to keep Harry’s deployment a secret, until the story broke on the internet. Now royal family handlers are deciding whether to bring the prince back lest he draw unwanted fire.

We can probably all agree that Prince Harry, as third in line to the throne of England, would make a tempting prize for any number of third world fighters seeking redress from the British Empire for colonial injustice. The sun never sets over regions still adversely impacted by the legacy of British misrule. And Prince Harry is playing cowboy in one of the most notorious, Afghanistan. His Joint Tactical Air Control (JTAC) task unit is even entrenched over an old British fort.

But if Harry can say this: “It’s nice just to be here with all the guys and just mucking in as one of the lads.” Should the whole world be conspiring to ensure he isn’t shot like one of the lads? Is there an MI5 contingent out in the field making sure no Afghans get hurt while the prince plays soldier?

Prince Harry plays soldierThis was voluntary service on the part of “Cornet Wales.” Denied permission to serve as a tank commander in Iraq, the prince joined the JTAC group to secretly embed himself with the action.

The young cornet, whose radio codename is Widow 6 7, is directing air strikes against sorry Afghan asses. The least he could do before he heads home with pictures and war stories to decorate the palace, is to have stuck his head out for who he is. What part of an honest press should have pledged to remain silent just because a prince wants to get in some live shooting practice?

NOTE: The press embargo was only intended for the length of Harry’s deployment. In reality, a group of reporters was given full access that they might return, afterwards, with such headlines as: Prince Harry: Sacrifice for Queen and country, or Prince Harry can look every soldier in the eye, or Britain’s Prince Harry: Wild child turned war hero.

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  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Here is a pic of the boyish prince back from his mission to save British royalty from disdain with dad at side.

    Was he successful? Laughing OUT LOUD! Only the corporate media can truly tell us … still laughing. Good luck, Prince. You’ll need it.

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