Pushing computers on school children

playColorado Springs D-11 is one of the worst examples of pushing computers onto children in a mindless and destructive manner. I have seen children that are forced onto the computers as supposedly a form of tutoring there, and the children often respond by just shutting the material out altogether from their minds.

Nobody likes to be programed by computers it seems, but the D-11 Adminstrators haven’t figured that out. Or is it that teachers work and get paid for it, but computers don’t? Never mind the actual results here. Never mind the damage to children done. Computers are in, and teaching is not.

There is big money in pushing these computers onto the kids, and the Alliance for Childhood does a good job of exposing that at their website. Also their film, Where do the choildren play? will be shown next week Thursday 11-13-2008 at 7pm locally at the Mountain Park Environmental Center in Beulah. Worth a watch if you have the time and can get out there?

And here is another question? Where do the children play in Iraq?

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