It is logical to assume that Barack Obama is God’s answer to our prayers

Joel Hunter and Barack Obama, Son of God, were in prayer together just hours before Barack Obama was declared the Grand Victor for running The Empire image repaired! Who is Joel Hunter, and Why Is Obama Praying With Him? All those ‘liberals’ were praying (and not at mosques either) and asking for Jesus and God in Heaven to intervene and throw out Satan and his flock of fallen angels and demons from The White House!

Now it is true, that Joel Hunter and the others that did this conference praying by telephone (I had never even heard of telephone prayer sessions before!) with Barack Obama are probably better ‘theologians’ than say Ted Haggard or Jerry Falwell, but what can one really say about preachers that are so politically adept as to be able to shift with the political winds like this? And how many rings does it take before God picks up the telephone in heaven? But they finally did get through to him, it appears, and their prayers were answered by God. Sweet Jesus!

I’m just jealous you know, and ‘ranting’. I don’t think that Barack Obama will be tele conferencing with atheists like me, with Time-Life writing about it afterwards? We atheists cannot contemplate the intricate complexity of the universe with Barack, and that makes me just furious! He is a Christian Crusader and I am not. PLUS, I cannot speak in tongues with him as many of the tele pastors most certainly can, and did! I am unable to get God to win elections for me, like Joel Hunter implies that God might have done for Barack and him.

Evidently God got fed up with the Bush family and friends (my friends), and he listened to Barack’s prayer to him to intervene! And now because of that, it’s a new America that will be seen now that Satan will soon be removed from DC (God will wait 11 weeks still, respecting election law).

BTW, if you need to have a prayer session by telephone, you can go to Jesus Calls Ministries. Good luck in getting God on the line! May your prayers be answered! May you achieve Heaven on Earth!


2 thoughts on “It is logical to assume that Barack Obama is God’s answer to our prayers

  1. Sounds like two really intelligent things, one smart from a political point of view.

    Mr Immanuel is placed in a position where he has control over the business of running the White House. Nothing more.

    From a spiritual point of view, it could be along the lines of Breaking Bread With Publicans and Sinners.

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