Resistance is fertile

Resistance is fertile
Best sign of optimism I’ve seen ever.
resistance is fertile
from CrimethInc.
The greatest illusionist spectacle in the world no longer enchants us. We are certain that communities of joy will emerge from our struggle, here and now. And for the first time, life will triumph over death.

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3 Responses to Resistance is fertile

  1. Great. Now the racists are going to break out that “nits make lice” slur.

    On the other other hand, Right On, Baby! errr Babe with baby!

    Dark the night
    and the road is long,
    Raise him Right
    raise him strong…

    Teach him Truth,
    have him learn well
    And he’ll grow up


  2. Avatar Maria de la Paz says:

    That’s gotta be Texas poetry. Hook ’em ‘horns!

  3. Thank you, thank you… i was thinking about setting it to music… and selling it to Dylan, but, wait… he doesn’t BUY music… he SELLS it.. never mind…

    Mama’s packing some serious heat on her back, but the heat up front attached to her is the REAL deal…

    They can’t kill us all…

    Well, actually they COULD but it ain’t gonna be Me who tells them how.

    Who knows, maybe we can get the world right BEFORE kiddo grows up.

    If not, we just gotta make sure he does grow up, cause, hey, that’s just the way The Struggle has been, generation after generation.

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