Walk Like an Egyptian, You Wish

Western pyramid-gawkers since Napoleon have denigrated modern Egypt for the backwater it had become, its great civilization long extinguished. But it was a US dictator-imposed facade, with contemporary Egyptians dismissed as oil-less lackeys of the Euro-Zionist enterprise. How does the past week of Days of Rage in Hahrir Square, a measured, peaceful uprising redubbed by Fahmi Huweidi as “the Noble Anger,” reflect the immense dignity shown by a people who know they represent the heart of the Arab world?

1 thought on “Walk Like an Egyptian, You Wish

  1. Maybe the ruins of Empires past all around them will inspire something besides The Next Empire. The death of Imperialism in the cradle of Empires.

    There’s some politicians here, like Mrs Clinton, who are trying not to say publicly what they’re probably saying privately “how can ‘we’ manage this?”

    The fact is, ‘we” won’t. It would take massive resources which “we” don’t have, nobody will lend “us” and which “we” lack the resources to obtain the old fashioned way… blatant conquest.

    Afghanistan, another and older Graveyard of Empires, has taken away every last dollar of war-money.

    Even with a dictatorship built on the still effective, never repealed Bush Doctrine, “we” wouldn’t have the power.

    Here’s a thought to cheer the heart… what if Puppet President Obama breaks HIS strings?

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