Riot police were standing by on Saturday

State Democratic Convention riot police contingent redeployed to concert brawlCOLORADO SPRINGS- Channel 5/30 News reporters were called away from the World Arena last Saturday to cover a stabbing at a public music event at the flea market. A fight broke out in a crowd of 2000 people and the first responders found themselves undermanned. Fortuitously, riot police had been standing by at the Democratic State Convention. At 1:30pm, this contingent (or fraction) was redeployed to provide backup. The KOAA TV camera captured the hardware the CSPD had anticipated needing to provide convention security on this otherwise harmonious and peaceful, uncloudy and idyllic Colorado Springs Saturday at the World Arena.

The riot police arrived via a sleepy Mountain Metro Transit bus.
Deployed by city bus

Anticipating a violent confrontation.
Upper body armor

Full and half plexi-glass shields.
Two types of shields

Do CSPD officers wear caps anymore?
Kevlar helmets

Looking for provocation.
Waiting with knuckles dragging

Showing their number.
Police line

“Coincidentally, a ‘crowd control’ team of police officers equipped with riot gear was already on standby across town at the State Democratic Convention.”

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  1. Many in Colorado Springs are afraid to upset the status quo. I am not afraid of the status quo. I take my hat off to Eric Verlo for attending the democratic convention.

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