Sarah Palin had sex with Saddam Hussein!

Sarah Palin declares that troops and veterans are unqualified to vote!

Well duh. Conservative Peggy Noonan says Sarah Palin’s candidacy is built on class warfare.

Sarah Palin admits there is a place in Hell reserved for Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin had sex with Saddam Hussein!

John McCain was on the board of a racist (and antiZionist) group called the U.S. Council for World Freedom.

McCain wrecks everything he touches. As a pilot, he wrecked 5 planes, and ended up getting himself captured in Vietnam. In the Senate, he deregulated the US gov’t causing most of the crises we now face. This country could not survive him being president.

Stock market continues in free fall, as world realizes that $850B the Democrats gave to Bush won’t do a damn thing to help our economy, it was just a gift to the filthy-rich, who won’t use it to help anyone but themselves. Duh.

AIG execs living it up like kings on taxpayer bailout money.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s Oct 6 notes,

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