Shock and Awe Success in Lebanon…

Oh, yeah, Shock and Awe has been an unqualified success… as a recruitment tool for Hizbollah.

…and their opponents in al Qa’eda too. For those who don’t know the differences, (McCain, Bush, etc)

George W has them thar Hizbollah fellers pissing their robes for fear, yep yep yep….

…just like Ronald Reagan had them running for cover… or running toward the goodies Reagan was handing out to them, like weapons and cash and such.

But it wasn’t negotiating with Terrorists mind you, just paying them in exchange for some hostages and a promise not to take any more hostages.

Maybe Ollie North will be out of the country for a few months, much much longer if a Hizbollah sniper misses the real target and hits his goofy ass instead.

Maybe McCain and Chuck Norris err… the Rambo Sisters will go to Lebanon to prove they have everything under control, and they can walk down any street in Beirut safely (so long as they’re under heavy guard)…

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