Sweet Love American Pentagon style

Today, I decided to have a coffee in Carl’s Jr. which allowed me to overhear a story of American Love. A young guy started talking on a cell phone next to me where he was telling somebody he was getting married. He was emphatic about not anyone telling some woman named Michelle this.

After he got off the phone he began talking to two Gomer looking buddies at his table. He began to tell them the story of how he had met his marriage partner-to-be. I swear I tried not to listen in to this idiotic conversation but still it came my way, and I was unable to close off my ears to it.

The lover soon to be married stated to his friends that he had been a sniper in the military having just gotten out, and that that was how he had met the love of his life who herself was a trained sniper. Something just clicked between the two of him, he said… and they fell in love!

Wasn’t that sweet? Now I know that a lot of people make up tall tales but there was something uniquely American in this young man’s love story. True, or not, I cannot really say? But certainly it was a tale of sweet love American Pentagon style and now I bet this couple will make cute babies. Isn’t American Love beautiful these days?

2 thoughts on “Sweet Love American Pentagon style

  1. As far as I know, only Infantry and Special Forces get slots for sniper school, and those are male-only units. Things may have changed since I retired in 2001. (I went to sniper school back in 1986.)

    You’ve got a very entertaining blog, by the way!

  2. Hey… Thanks, Marty. We do try to make it fun reporting and commenting on this very often grim world!

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