Taliban didn’t wait for Bush “October Surprise”

Apparently, they knew the lynchings were about to proceed, the Bu’ush Regime had vowed to defy the Supreme Court by continuing the Kangaroo Kourt, so they started busting out some of the people in the Khandahar Concentration Camp.

Why are the Bu’ush people surprised?

10 hours ago the news was that there were more casualties in the Liberated and Pacified extra-territorial possessions in Afghanistan than in the more recently annexed former nation of Iraq so far this month.

Will the Phascist Phreaks use this as their excuse to launch World War Last?

2 thoughts on “Taliban didn’t wait for Bush “October Surprise”

  1. Yes, 1100 POW were liberated from the US torture chamber, and it gives us a glimpse of why the Pentagon constructed the Guantanamo torture chamber in a part of Cuba locked off from all scrutiny or access.

    This torture and murder goes on and most of us American citizens are too lazy to publicly demonstrate against it. Instead, all they do is grumble on about Bush, etc., if even that?

    To vote for one of the political parties engaged in constructing these war crimes (the Democrats) is not anything, not anything at all. Shame on you, you lazy dumb Liberal Democrat voters! All you do is vote and grumble, grumble and vote. And then you strut around like you are all that! You are a bunch of dumb louts, that’s all.

  2. Yeah, right after the Afghani piece BBC-America had the Pakistani piece.

    If I were a gambling man I’d (probably be deeper in debt than I am now) errr.. I’d probably bet the ranch that there’s some top level strategy meetings in Crawford this weekend trying to make this look good to Americans on Monday.

    And if I were a drinkin’ man I’d be sloppy cryin’ drunk right about now.

    …and if I had a hammer, why, i’d hammer in the mornin’ , and then i’d hammer in the evenin’…

    My deepest apologies for that last line…

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