Tent State Concentration Camping

DNC Free Speech restrictionsTent State organizer Adam Jung may have outwitted the Denver PD. They won’t let his organization camp overnight in the city park. But the razor-wire enclosure known as the freedom cage is “open 24-hours,” so he’s taking his encampment there. Clever? Jung could have held out for the jail, w/ room and board.

Leaving his tents available for those who want to protest. (Tent State also announced it won’t be using its permit for Civic Center Park on Wednesday, but hasn’t released the permit for anyone else to use either.)

After stringing him along with daily meetings with the Police, the City of Denver denied Adam and his group permission to camp overnight in City Park. So he’s leading his band to the Pepsi Center, to pitch their tents on the asphalt encircled by security fence, guards and searchlights. If Denver has to accommodate disaffected youth, probably penned up and under their nose is where the police would prefer them to be.

Or it might work out. Maybe a concentration of kids behind razor and barbed wire will be the best anti-Gitmo demonstration yet. Tent State meet Police State.

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