Thank you Mr. President for all you do

Beijing beach volleyball bikinisIsn’t it vaguely jarring when someone is asked publicly what would be their fondest wish, and they don’t say “world peace?” I feel that way about athletes and celebrities in these times of great conflict. They could say Impeach Bush, Stop Torture, the Media Is Lying, or at the very least, the Emperor Has No Clothes! Instead they feed the media narrative fretting about their quest for a medal, about which we know already.

Not to say the reporters aren’t eager to run with whatever revelation they get. When Usain Bolt revealed that he fuels his running by eating “nuggets,” the press was quick to announce the Fastest Man on Earth eats McDonalds. It’s an easy conclusion. Where else are nuggets on a menu but the Mc variety? A convenient conclusion too, as McDonalds is a chief sponsor of the Olympics. They’re running adds featuring ex-athletes, in athletic settings, pitching McPhood. Although no Olympic athlete could jeopard his/her health to a McDonalds meal depth-charge. Sports reporters know that too. Shame on them for perpetrating the McNuggets disinfo until Bolt’s father could be reached for an explanation. Usain’s “nuggets” are a concoction of yams, and no doubt something Jamaican that will soon be ruled out as doping.

Reporters did interview an Olympic competitor who’s eating plenty at the Beijing McD’s. He’s an archer, who has no need to move around. Probably his weight stabilizes his aim. Probably too he’s got no aspirations for the Pentathlon. The convenient unofficial unsolicited McEndorser weighs 215 pounds.

I’ve heard Olympic athletes are oblivious to real world concerns. Perhaps I can forgive them for not making political statements, even though they have the forum. They’re forbidden, but as attention hounds, you’d think they’d notice that the athletes now most honored for the 1968 Mexico City Games were the ones who raised their fists.

Instead the 2008 Beijing Olympics has this: heralded to be the best Beach Volleyball duo of all time (The TV announcer kept asking “Can I say it? Can I say this is the best beach volleyball team of all time?!” -even though this sport/spectacle pandering to the NASCAR fans has been part of the Olympics only THREE TIMES BEFORE), the winners had this statement to make, after clearing it with their interviewer.

Said Kerri Walsh: “Can I say something? Thank you Mr. President, for your support. And thank you for all that you do!”

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2 Responses to Thank you Mr. President for all you do

  1. Avatar royal w/ cheese says:

    the best moment of the olympics!

  2. Avatar Jonah says:

    Yep, shows it for what it really is.

    The Olympics were at their beginning a ceremony for Professional Murderers to show off their skills for the Olympiad, the Greek “gods”.

    These guys were NOT athletes, they were soldiers. Just like soldiers of any age, any era, they were professional killers. The discus and the javelin and the bow and the shot were weapons of War. The guys who toss them now don’t necessarily throw them at peoples heads, but the Original Olympians DID exactly that. It was how they made their living and their dying.

    And the ones who do it today do it in honor of the Ancient Death Squad murderers.

    I’ve heard the asinine statements and read them as well, that the Olympiad is all about peace and harmony and good ol’ fashioned sporting fun.

    They even fly in the face of Reason and claim, like the organizers of the St Paddy’s Day Massacre last year, that the Olympics aren’t political.

    The freak bastards who beat up Elizabeth and Eric and the rest last year in the streets of Downtown Colorado Springs, and the freaks in the crowd who cheered for it, and called for the Pigs to kill us, and for other parade entries to run us over in the streets, are just a small time Tianmen Square terrorist organization.

    The PUNK Bastards wish they were allowed to run over people with tanks.

    But, yeah, a Beach Bum and Beach Bimbo saying thanks to George Bush would be about appropriate to that level of heads empty of anything but Hate.

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