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ARD, Tent State surrogate for DNC cops

DENVER- Accounts of the Wednesday march from the Colosseum to the DNC are only getting half the story. Can I recount my small part? We were at the Pepsi Center entrance, laying the groundwork for the arrival of the IVAW parade and became concerned when workers positioned large dump trucks to block the way, to corral the marchers into the fenced gauntlet traversing the Auraria campus. 4475

Tent State stole park from DNC demos

DENVER- Wednesday was a day of major betrayal of DNC protesters. The Denver park from which demonstrations were being launched was today suddenly completely fenced off OVERNIGHT. Clever move on the part of city. Civic Center Park had been serving as the point of reference for activists who now did not know how to find each other after the convergence center at 38th and Brighton was raided by police. Here's what happened to the park. 4453

Fodor’s guide to Denver and the DNC

To answer the obvious questions. If you're worried about tear gas, saturate a bandana in Apple Cider Vinegar, and bring swimming goggles. For a tip of where you'll find the action in the next several days, below is a list of where legal observers are planning to be. Meaning, where there might run afoul. Otherwise check with Recreate-68, Codepink, UFPJ and Unconventional Action. 4393

Tent State Concentration Camping

Tent State organizer Adam Jung may have outwitted the Denver PD. They won't let his organization camp overnight in the city park. But the razor-wire enclosure known as the freedom cage is "open 24-hours," so he's taking his encampment there. Clever? Jung could have held out for the jail, w/ room and board. 4323

Where will Tent State be without tents?

A couple weeks ago, the students behind Tent State University were hoping to lobby Denver's mayor for permission to camp overnight in a city park for the DNC. They had been given until August to show they could meet seven conditional requirements, but now the mayor has decided to tell them no. So where will Tent State be without tents? TSU was one of the ARD groups which splintered from Recreate-68, hoping to curry favorable treatment from the city. TSU leader Adam Jung even suggested the Denver City Park encampment would enable authorities to "retain control over the entire event." 3885