The Bail Us Over into Deep Doo Doo Bill has just been passed

In a no surprise vote, the House has just bailed the American people into a deep hole. The ‘new’ legislation of give away was even worse than the first one attempted, with even extra pork added on. In short summary, good money has been thrown with bad, straight into the hands of those needing the money the least. House backs $700bn bail-out plan

Stocks briefly will fly up again, oh so Whoopee! What is left ‘unbailed out’ is the private debt held by tens of millions of Americans who are now losing their homes and jobs. Instead of assistance, they will now be helping bailout the big guys as the Federal Debt shoots up alongside their own. What a prescription for total disaster! Bushels of bale for the rich kleptocrats and the rug being pulled out under from the needy.

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