The destruction of the dollar

The American business community, the Democratic and Republican Parties, and the US government they control have destroyed the dollar. Simply put, they pumped it up with empty air, and now nobody wants to use it as international currency. Look at the 3 alternative currencies: gold, the Euro, and barrels of oil. All these alternatives have real use value based on real evaluation of what they can buy, while the paper dollar has nothing other than the Pentagon to back it up now. Take it or bake, is how they want others to shake.

What the paper dollar actually has to back it up, is only our promise to pay the national debt sometime. However, our government acts more like international gangsters rather than any type of legitimate business men. Gangsters are pretty damn iffy, hence the dollar is plummeting in real value recognized by others.

I include a barrel of oil as true and valued currency in today’s world, along with gold and the Euro. Remember those Mad Max movies? Remember how scarce petroleum was the key to survival in those movies? Thank our American ‘leaders’ for creating the new Mad Max movie we are now part of the cast of.

The dollar is dead, How Long Live the Empire?! Remember The Empire of Mad Max’s world? Good luck, Kids. The Empire is turning you into rats that will scurry around for survival. It’s not the movies any more. It’s what the supposedly responsible American business community has done for y’all. It’s Mad Max’s world!

Paul Roberts’ asks, ‘Who is going to bail us out?’ Good question, so see his answer for yourself.

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