The UN says it may occupy Darfur for 10 years

In talk reminiscent of how the US may militarily occupy Iraq and Afghanistan for decades, the US dominated and controlled UN military is now talking about how it may militarily occupy Darfur for 10 years. ‘Saving Darfur’ is now in march it seems, and it is now obvious just what this actually means. We can see other examples of ‘saved’ places, like Haiti, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, East Timor, Congo, and all don’t look too saved at all, but just occupied by military troops. Darfur mission may last 10 years: UNAMID general

This raises the issues of how a real Antiwar Movement can be organized, with much of the organizations we presently have full of supporters of war controlling leadership positions in these supposedly pro Peace groups? Almost all the ‘leadership’ consists of Democratic Party voters, who vote for candidates that promote US militarism. Further, under the guise of being saintly non-violent types, much of the membership continues to support the idea of their government called on to ‘do things’ with US troops, in places like Afghanistan and Darfur. We have a supposed antiwar movement at present, that wants to dote on ‘the troops’ even.

Yes, the UN says it may occupy Darfur for 10 years. What a disaster! God save Sudan and all of its peoples. And let’s get these thugs in dove’s feathers out of Haiti, too! It’s time to wake up about the UN, if only the pacifist liberals ever will?

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