Top Republican says Obama “off to a good start”

booTop Republican
says Obama
“off to a good start”

Kind of says it all.

2 thoughts on “Top Republican says Obama “off to a good start”

  1. Good grief, there is yet more coverage in this vein… ‘Obama performing almost like a co-president to Bush’ at

    The truth is not pretty when one can see such utter contempt by Obama for the portion of the population that chose him over McCain. He roped these people in and then didn’t waste a second to start to sink their hopes for something different coming down. People voted for the supposed individual and instead got the THE TEAM.

    Americans are expected to toe the line and abandon their desires, one by one, and If not, that is just too damn bad for them.

    How tight will the ‘liberal’ ‘intellectuals’ for Obama hold onto their delusions? Nobody can really say? But there will be some bad blood soon if the world economy continues to sink as fast as it is doing now? We shall wait at sea… in the sea of our current American democratocracy. It is clear that the middle class has nothing to offer the general population other than for them to sit it all out and wait for upper class charity to take hold. … as if it ever would???

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