Tough women, or the same old whores?

Today in the news, we have Hillary threatening to ‘obliterate’ Iran and CondiWoman Rice calling Iraq’s most powerful leader a coward! Until women politicians stop acting like the same old whores, then maybe it will be a kinder gentler universe to keep them out of office?

It’s just that I think that us men are far more nurturing and caring than womenfolk that have trained themselves to be so whorish. Can you really blame me for feeling this way?

1 thought on “Tough women, or the same old whores?

  1. Yo Tony,
    You really think men are more nurturing & caring than women? Hope you are carrying a pink purse, Tony. This is the 21C and men & women are equial, huh? Whore? Just because a woman can stand up for what she believes in does not make her any less a lady, Tony. Join the new human race Tony, women can think – women can do – woman are (always have been) good folks too, Tony.

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