Yoo who?

The Bush Administration, after years of lying, has finally admitted that it is using torture on POWs. This it is doing after all those years of MIA/ POW campaigning against Vietnam, who were supposedly holding in secret some of our noble US soldiers in hidden camps, way years after the war. That campaign by the Right Wing- Love our Troops crowd- was ludicrous, of course, since there never were any missing GIs left behind.

But now that they have winked and us and admitted what liars they are, the Bush Administration has set us up a fall guy by the name of John Yoo to take the heat over torture. What a crock of shit! We know that all of you in the Bush Administration, plus hundreds upon hundreds of top Democrats,too, were all involved in approving torture use on the prisoners held by US military forces. Who is this Yoo you want us to go after? He is a nobody. Here is what the LA Times has to say about the issue- Which came first: memos or torture?

Why should John Yoo be taking the blame for people like Dick Cheney and Dubya? He is not even a Donald Rumsfield, or Condy Rice, not to mention all the generals who are in charge of the actual ongoing abuse of these many times innocent men and even children. Yoo, in short, is a yodel.

But behind all this game playing are the Democrats. Yoo is a play target for these DP politicians so complicit with carrying out the policies and activities of the Republican Party. Shame on you Democrats, for letting the Republicans get away with using torture on people, as you idly sat by and pretended to be mildly opposed to what they were doing. You are liars, too, and on a scale equal to the Republicans. Until we get rid of both you squads of creeps, this country is going nowhere good but fast.

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  1. Yo Tony,
    Wow! You dont like the Dem or Reps? What sort of governmen would you like Tony? Commie one, where the party – never the people – are in control? Can you not see even russia did not work out as is red china and red cuba. They too are moving on past that Party first people last failed system. Wonderful, sad it takes so long but some folk just do not wish to be woke or it is that they are part of the “party” class hmmmm.

    Tony, as an American, surely you can view history and see what system is best. Our present one is sad, poor and fails much to much but it is way better than anyone in the past or present. Hopefully people will educate themself to who or what is running for office & vote the thugs out and good folks in, huh?

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