United against 47, 49 and 54, not 46?

COLORADO- The unions mounted a very visible opposition to the proposed Colorado Amendments 47, 49 and 54. Vote NO, their posters and stickers urged, in support of Colorado’s firefighters, police and teachers. I might have agreed more if they’d mentioned better reasons.

I was accosted in Pueblo by someone asking people to wear stickers which said NO ON 47, 49 & 54 for the sake of the firefighters. I told him that I had nothing against firefighters, but don’t they get plenty of recognition already? I would wear the sticker in support of UNIONS in general. That’s who the ballot amendments are targeting, and that’s who need our support. His face lit up appreciatively.

It’s too bad that the Colorado public can’t be trusted with the real argument about what’s at stake. Especially coming from such strong unions as protect the firefighters, police and teachers. What about the other unionized vocations? Especially those not yet, or no longer, protected by unions? I would have liked to see labor use this opportunity to bring the issue of collective bargaining into the public discourse. That would mean the stronger unions looking out for their weaker comrades.

I’m reminded of friends I had at UPS, who apologized for belonging to the Teamsters. What’s wrong with that picture? Or how about the USPS workers, paid good wages owed entirely to a strong union, who otherwise vote as anti-labor conservatives?

I would also like to have seen the NO ON 47, 49 & 54 group throw another number on their clipboard. Why not oppose Amendment 46, which attacked Affirmative Action? That’s a jobs related issue that would show solidarity with minority workers.

Can American voters be expected only to look out for themselves? Each of the presidential candidates seemed to campaign like they were buying votes. Did Obama have to promise he wouldn’t tax 95% of the populace? Did McCain have to argue for the reverse? Is there no room for altruism in American politics? Maybe the pundits are right to have talked about “socialism” like it was a dirty word.

1 thought on “United against 47, 49 and 54, not 46?

  1. That went down in flames too.

    The Thugnicans are being turned out in numbers that rival the storming of the Bastille, only with much less bloodshed and so far nobody’s been burned alive or beheaded.

    “you go! No pay, just Go! you eat all the food, and you scare my wife. Just GO!”

    It’s probably going to get dangerous, the freaks were really really hostile and even in an Invitation only event in his own hood, John McCain had to deal with an unruly crowd, and I thought, you know, these guys are going to storm the stage and kill and eat their own candidate.

    Not fearful, just careful.

    They’ve been spoon-feeding each other this gas about “Obamageddon”.

    To the point they really believe we’re going to throw them in concentration camps.

    They’re afraid, of basically nothing, but that’s usual with fear.

    With 46, the lowest margin of defeat, it still got defeated.
    But they’re afraid, you see, that Darky, and Jew, and Commie, are gonna get preferred treatment at school.

    Scared people who are both irrational and heavily armed… I can smell a Terror attack in the offing.

    Done by the Terrified right wing.

    Hyped on HATE.

    I pity them.

    Some people pack their own Hell around with them.
    It must be miserable.

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