McCain wants to redistribute the wealth: from the Middle Class to the Filthy Rich

obama-mccain-tic-tac-toCan WE THE PEOPLE really undo the NeoFascist coup of 2000, or will the electoral farce just continue?
Was “Maverick” McCain’s goal the utter destruction of the Republican Party? Because that’s the ony way I can see him “winning.”

Evidence the election is already being stolen.

Her Imperial Highness Sarah Palin claims the media criticising her violates her First Amendment rights.

Canadian radio show hosts prank-call Sarah Palin, impersonating the French President, and get her to admit she thinks killing baby seals from a helicopter would be fun. [audio]

You know your country is worse than Nazi Germany when…

Did the CIA warn corporate executives prior to 9/11 attacks?

Lest anyone forget, McCain is NOT a natural born citizen, as required of the President in the United States Constitution. He was born in the Panama Canal Zone, before such births were legally “natural born.” The law that later made such births “natural” did not include those already born, they only became “naturalized citizens,” thus disqualifying McCain for the office of President. Not that anyone gives a damn about the Constitution anymore.

Ronald Reagan’s chief of staff endorses Obama.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s Nov 3rd notes,

1 thought on “McCain wants to redistribute the wealth: from the Middle Class to the Filthy Rich

  1. It’s a little disheartening to see the same liberal Democratic Party rhetoric about a Republican Administration that their Democratic Party leaders collaborated with over the last 8 years being called a ‘NeoFascist coup’ on this blog by MC. I’m sorry Thomas, but it has been merely ruling class business as usual and no fascist regime in place these last 8 years, and such would be the case if the ruling class had gone with McCain instead of with Barack Obama this time around.

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