Women on Web- a much needed home abortion service

Churches want to tell you what to do as do parents influenced by these churches. Insurance companies get into the act and mess up the process of getting decent medical care when you need it. And government, too, wants to make life’s decisions for you and force you to be pregnant and have a child against your will. Thank goodness that some people are on your side and are trying to help young women out despite all the barriers others have put in the way of doing so.

After all, some of us don’t want more women to become just another part of the forgotten statistics of women dying from abortions made illegal by others. Women on Web can help make it possible to have an abortion at home, minus all the moralizing religion, government bureaucracies, and all the idiots that want to convince you it is murder to stop one’s own pregnancy from continuing to delivery.

This service by Women on Web is especially important in countries where all abortions have been made illegal by government and church decree. An abortion through Women on Web may not be an ideal method, but it sure beats back alley medicine in a poor Third World country any day. Spread the word about this service being available to young women in countries where abortion has been made illegal or access has been greatly restricted.

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