Child victims of American desperation

I like this last picture of Shaniya Davis, taken it appears, on the ordinary occasion of a new cellphone camera. Fayetteville, North Carolina The five-year-old’s body was just recovered by North Carolina police. Her mother Antoinette Davis, 25, has been arrested on charges of selling her daughter into prostitution.

Shaniya had only recently come under her mother’s custody:

The girl had only been living with her mother since last month. Her father, Bradley Lockhart, had previously raised the child but had agreed to let her live with her mother after she found employment and a place to live.

A second photograph in keeping with the “hoping there is a special place in hell” theme is of little Fatima Ahmed, born in Fallujah with two heads, among other deformities she shares with other Iraqi newborn and stillborn, representing an alarming 15 fold increase in birth defects.

Fallujah, Iraq 2009 Doctors attribute the probable cause as the depleted uranium and other exotic munitions employed by the American forces, but US military spokesmen urge caution in making a hasty judgement. Apparently as with smoking, and toxins with important industrial purposes, no causal link has yet to be established between DU, white phosphorous, other undisclosed agents and risks to human health.

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3 Responses to Child victims of American desperation

  1. Avatar pcm says:

    This is going on because of our society pretending all is well. “Americans don’t commit atrocities”. And they will shortly start singing about peace on earth and good will towards men, but not mean it. I wish … I can’t come up with the words for what I wish to the people responsible for these atrocities. I feel dirty just being a part of the same society.

  2. Your claim that doctors have attributed the rise in birth defects in Fallujah to the use of DU munitions is interesting in that during my years of exhaustive research for my next book, I have found no, that is zero, use of DU munitions in Fallujah.

    I have combed through military records and interviewed nearly 200 participants of the fight. I have personally spoken with the commanding generals as well as privates and none have indicated to me that DU was used.

    A-10s did not provide CAS and tankers did not use anti-tank SABOT rounds. DU cannot be the source of these defects.

  3. Avatar Amanda says:

    They’ll deny everything, if you ask, even shooting civilians.

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