District 11 Colorado Springs cutbacks get to rolling

I went to one of the District 11 cutback hearing meetings where the Administration pretends to solicit community input for decisions they pretty much already have planned to make, and shared the auditorium with about 700 other concerned but utterly confused folk. It’s cutback time here in the city since the School District put itself in a very deep hole taking out loans whose interest payments now eat up huge chunks of money.

At a little over $63 million interest service on loans per year, that adds up to 1/2 billion dollars over every 8 years by my calculations taken from the School Districts own data. See my earlier comments about these figures on the commentary here about district 11 school district corruption

One half billion dollars every 8 years in debt service? Good grief! One would think that it would get mentioned by somebody at least at these meetings, and it was fully my intention to bring it up.

In fact I did, as I was being kicked out of the school with my big sign that said… DISTRICT 11- GRADE F I was told that no signs were permitted on Private Property by the ten or so cops on the scene. What the Heck?

“I thought my kid was getting a public education,” I responded.

But in a country where torture is legal and legalisms are torture the public in this case is classified ‘private’ per the cops! When I try to take a sign into the City Council public meetings they tell me I can’t do it because it’s public property. That’s America for you, isn’t it? You can’t do it on public or private property, either one, if it has to do with Free Speech. Amazing how so few people actually know that about our Fantasy Land though! They seem to think that we’re in the land that guarantees that Free Speech flourishes! Not exactly, Folk. I had to put my sign away and then try to sign up as a speaker. I did and never got to speak.

So no signs, no flyers, no nothing. That was my 3 hours spent in the auditorium. You see, handing out flyers with info not controlled by the D-11 administrative team would amount to giving them actual input, the parents input, and the teachers input. But D-11 merely wants to pretend that it is asking for public input, not actually get it. I almost got arrested for clapping for one speaker while standing up! That”s how tightly run this charade actually was. I kind of feared getting tasered but merely got ordered to sit down instead! It was a super mannerly assembly.

I really ran into trouble, too, there when I said I was ‘pissed off to an Administrative type in the John, who then lectured me on language! He didn’t seem upset at all that the public was pissed off though, just that I used bad language! He looked so horribly angry at me… He and I were the only ones in the John.

Colorado Springs is just that type of city though with just that type of people. Many of those speaking said that their schools were just fabulous and that the District should close some other school down instead. The meeting was not exactly solidarity forever… lol… It did seem like boredom forever though. What a charade. We all love our schools..blah/blah/blah.

Jerry Heimlicher, Council Member District 3 got to speak next to the last one allowed, and used his time to say that he wanted to be a good partner with this school district management that is refusing to ‘fess up to the real reason they are putting up to 8 public schools on the chopping block. See More details on D-11 restructuring plans Good Ol’ Jerry, wants to play the team player with everybody since he’s always the consummate play liberal politician in town.

I caught Jerry going out the door where I verbally asked him why he didn’t expose the interest servicing that the School District was hiding away from telling the public about? After all it is the real reason for cutbacks being made, and not the pretend reasons which can be found here… ‘If your child goes to a District 11 school, that school could soon be closing. The district is looking at closing at least eight schools and re-configuring several others. They say lower enrollment and budget cuts are to blame.’ …at KKTV Parents Weigh In On Possible District 11 School Closures See how D-11 forgets to mention that $63 million per year servicing of debt interest payments that are the real cause of the distress?

Jerry said that he didn’t want to talk to me about it, and stiffly headed towards his car. Shame on all of the D-11 administrative hacks, and shame on Jerry Heimlicher too for covering up for their crooked asses! The children will suffer because of the banks pulling off this gigantic haul, and this is just the beginning of the school cutbacks that will be coming our way most soon enough. The city too is already cutting services, and the layoffs are a coming. Who’ll bail the people out? All we have are cons in office these days.

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2 Responses to District 11 Colorado Springs cutbacks get to rolling

  1. Avatar jonah says:

    Yeah, they have to keep the Scions of the “lower classes” in their place and the only way to do it is to keep them ignorant.

    Sometimes it succeeds in its purpose.

    That’s why there’s still people who believe the Bush-Cheney-Netanyahu Lie Machine.

    and vote RepubliKlan and support Boot-Lick-ud.

  2. Avatar jonah says:

    On a less snotty (slightly) note, if American kids actually became educated they might not accept Menial Jobs at wages controlled only by the Employer Slave Corporation like MacDonalds and WalMart.

    They also wouldn’t be dumb enough to get sucked in by Military Recruiters.

    Hey, any younger dudes and dudettes who read this, why exactly do YOU think the Army wants you to drop out, get your Parental Units to sign the papers and Join the Killing Machine?

    With the laughable promise that you’ll get money for College.

    And that it’s such a wonderful job.

    It’s such a Wonderful Career that they’re drafting people who were out of the Military for 15 years, withholding discharges and recruiting high school students to drop out.

    It’s such a wonderful Career that Military Families regularly go to Freecycle and other sites asking for donations.

    And the DAV and the USO regularly seek donations because the Vets and the Dependents and survivors of Military Personnel can’t get the services the Recruiters promised them.

    They’re even recruiting at Middle Schools.

    I’m sure some of the older folks who keep saying the Military is such a good life etc etc etc and of course, that’s why they’re not over there in Afghanistan or Iraq themselves, but are instead on the Internet angrily going to websites that don’t “Support The Pentagoons” err “the troops” yeah, that’s the ticket..

    and telling you to not listen to people who have Been There, Done that.

    Bring it back down, they’re going to have a dozen less schools where you can get a chance to improve your odds of having a REAL job and a REAL future.

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