Drones vulnerable to P2P filesharing?

The WSJ headline screams “Insurgents Hack U.S. Drones … Iranian Backing Suspected.” Hmm. Why Iran — because insurgents can’t afford $25.99 SkyGrabber software? Captured Iraqi laptops have evidence of intercepted video feeds, not code. The hacking term is no misnomer. Instead of calling the footage “hijacked” or “received,” the data is described as “stolen” and “pirated,” which would seem to betray an inviting vulnerability to SkySoftware’s reach. Are they saying there’s a UAV feed that can be harvested by a distributed file-sharing exploit? Imagine a drone-watch network for nabbing unwarranted military surveillance: DroneWire. By going after too many birds with this story, the DoD confirms its armed unmanned vehicles are patrolling not just Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, but Yemen and Somalia, where our distributed representative Democracy has no legal authority to conduct extrajudicial assassinations.

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1 Response to Drones vulnerable to P2P filesharing?

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Awwwwww…. Does ums widdle Pentagoon Sucks habs to wisk thewe own lives to Murder kids in other countries again? Awwwww…..

    Also, it’s not like Commercial Aviation communications don’t provide a Clew…

    Because when you’re in the air, you have to steer around everything else that’s in the air. The restricted airspace is moving? Hmmmm…..

    Maybe the “stay away–Don’t fly here!” zones are moving ahead of, behind and above DRONES, or other Military aircraft.

    It would be kind of like a Cop or an Ambulance putting on the “bubble gum” (flashing lights for those of our esteemed readers not familiar with Southern U.S. slang) when moving rapidly through rush hour traffic.

    Only in three dimensions instead of only two.

    Not really really simple but you get the drift.

    So, now that the Pentagoon Death Dealing Robots are outed on one level, so nobody can simply do process-of-elimination and avoid being where the drones are, what if they suddenly start losing a whole bunch of them? “Accidental groundings” only much more frequently than one would expect.

    How might the Pentagoons report the problem, if at all?

    Eventually, in a Democracy, one would start to notice when large chunks of money, such as units of cash matching the price of one Drone, start accumulating. Simply because the people who pay the bills have a right to know how much, at least, of their money is being spent.

    Whew… The Pentagoons sure dodged a bullet on that one… Since we don’t actually HAVE a democracy, or Freedom, or any recognition of our Rights to begin with.

    The ones who actually believe they’re “giving us our rights” and “fighting for Freedoms” will of course disagree. I’m sure there’ll be a few answering this with their usual Martyr Complex.

    So will those who DO know better than to believe that clap-trap sloganeering, and either are Paid to lie or just enjoy doing it so much that they tell us “Freedom isn’t Free” and other Stupid Shit on a volunteer basis.

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