Ex RMN columnists stuck to their guns

Vincent Carroll now reporting for the Denver PostDENVER- Considering the villainous role the Rocky Mountain News played in the vilification of Ward Churchill, their insinuations having been thoroughly discredited in this trial, you’d think the RMN columnists now writing for the Denver Post would be self-conscious about taking the same mocking stance. But they are not. Attorney David Lane chats with them most amicably, but still they file the typical anti-academic hit pieces. Columnist Vincent Carroll summarized Churchill’s recent testimony as: Ward’s world of brazen claims.

In an earlier piece, Carroll recaps Churchill’s alleged misconduct, but where an objective reporter would say “alleged,” Carroll writes “gross.” Don’t think the RMN vets aren’t well aware that a vindication for Churchill means a repudiation of their libel.

Mike Littwin formerly of the Rocky Mountain NewsMike Littwin is no better. For him, yawns in the audience are not a sign of defense attorney Patrick O’Rourke’s pedestrian presentation, but of the discussion’s irrelevance. Of Native American history in dispute, of genocide still denied by CU in this example, Littwin concludes: the World has moved beyond Churchill.

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2 Responses to Ex RMN columnists stuck to their guns

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Litwin’s commentary has been in defense of Churchill, not against him. He simply is stating that there now simply is no crazy continual rage against Churchill like there once was whipped up by the national Right Wing. People have moved on.

    The rest of the coverage by the Denver Post has been a different matter though. The smug and stupid face and commentary of Vincent Carroll case in point. He’s just another Colorado McCarthyite witch hunter type and shows quite well why so much of the national print press is no longer read by most everybody. I see lots of going bankrupt daily newspapers in the coming years ahead.

  2. Avatar jonah says:

    Shoot, they ought to go after Neil Bush and his Textbook Company.

    actually he only does contract work with them through one of his thief-oriented computer companies, wherein he merely lends his family name and influence to THEIR sales….

    But in Texas History, 7th grade Required… they teach that slaves were well treated, seldom beaten, well fed and cared for and even got better medical care than the average.

    What that average was would be up for grabs because by the time of Emancipation, Dr. Lister and Dr Pasteur were still doubted as to microbes causing infections, if you took a stomach wound that breached the peritoneum you died from it, pure and simple, surgery involved much the same tools as butchers used and morphine was considered less addictive than straight opium because they injected it rather than letting it go through the digestive system. and and … oh man it’s … eh…

    But they can get away with teaching 12 and 13 year old kids that “Hell, slavery warn’t all that bad, if them Nigrahs had known how good they would have it they would’ve paid their own way over heah”

    And then the Rocky and Radio Show Pundits squeal like little piggies if one of their Hate-speech “stars” gets dropped by a radio station for being just too offensively stupid. (or merely called the Lying Liars that they “truly” are)

    “It’s Censorship, I tell ya, Censorship! Commienism and a sure sign of the coming Apocalypse!”

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