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Denver and the future of the news 9.16

On Wednesday Sept 16, 6:30pm, at the Colorado History Museum, local journalists and nonprofit leaders will lead discussions of how to save local media. Panelists include Polly Baca, Laura Frank, Wick Rowland, David Sirota, John Temple and Craig Aaron. Organized … Continue reading

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Ex RMN columnists stuck to their guns

DENVER- Considering the villainous role the Rocky Mountain News played in the vilification of Ward Churchill, their insinuations having been thoroughly discredited in this trial, you’d think the RMN columnists now writing for the Denver Post would be self-conscious about … Continue reading

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Churchill and his curiously vile detractors

DENVER- There’s an interesting sideshow at the Churchill v CU case having to do with a cadre of unsavory Ward Churchill online critics. What they are writing is hardly interesting but their unceasing doggedness, repeating only ad hominem attacks, leads … Continue reading

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Yellow Journalism meets its fate

BOULDER- How fitting that on the eve of Ward Churchill’s legal challenge against CU, for his firing on the basis of accusations championed by the Rocky Mountain News, that we encounter a pickup truck hauling off the last of that … Continue reading

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With The Rocky Mountain News another bad newspaper bites the dust

Rocky Mountain News is no more and we have not lost anything vital here in Colorado. These newspapers are mainly full of advertising trash these days and people are going elsewhere to get the news, so the decline of the … Continue reading

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