Gaza is not the Holocaust that the Jews suffered in the Warsaw Ghetto of WWII

warsaw ghetto
“Pointing out that the suffering endured by Gazans is not comparable in scope to the Holocaust or other well-known genocides, does not diminish it. However, it is crucial to provide accurate historical context to the current conflict, for two reasons. If Gaza is today’s Warsaw, then Palestinians have no hope.

“Firstly, the use of highly charged historical comparisons that do not hold up to scrutiny unnecessarily weakens the Palestinian case against the occupation. In a propaganda war in which Palestinians have always struggled to compete, handing Israel’s supporters the gift of inaccurate or exaggerated comparisons does not help this struggle, particularly not in Israel and the US, the two most important battlegrounds in this conflict.”
–excerpted from a commentary of Mark LeVine published by Al Jazeera titled Gaza is no Warsaw Ghetto

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7 Responses to Gaza is not the Holocaust that the Jews suffered in the Warsaw Ghetto of WWII

  1. Avatar Don says:

    That’s a more reasonable piece, Tony.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I’m glad you like the photo of the New York Times here, ‘Don’, even though it is a parody and not the real thing.

    It does make a point though, and not so much a point against Left Wing ‘political correctness’ but rather against the cavalier manner in which today’s world elites handle how the Israel and the US media handle issues dealing with Palestinian Arabs. What if? What if back in WW2 the US elites had acted in the same manner regarding the Jewish population in their coverage of their slaughter by German Nazis as they do today with the Israeli ongoing slaughter of Palestinians?

    And ‘Don’, you and your Internet Megaphone shadows always want us at Not My Tribe to remove what you claim are inauthentic materials per the Israeli propaganda machine, but we’re not removing this one either. You didn’t ask us to, and we ask but why not?

    The linked to article by Mark Levine published by Al Jazeera about the Warsaw Ghetto and Gaza is no parody though. Gaza and the entire Palestinian dispersal from their Homeland by Jewish Israelis is an authentic Holocaust, it just is not yet as large nor as complete a Holocaust on the scale of what happened to Europe’s Jews in WW2.

    Just goes to show that one must take everything with a big grain of salt. Right, ‘Don’? Inauthentic parodies like the NYT Headlines? I wonder if this was a parody originally coming from the Zionist network of disinformation?

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Yes, if you look at the hoax New York Times headline one can see that all the material on it comes out of a sense of total victimhood like Zionists always dish out to others. But the hoax was also designed to convince others, too, that Jews are always being blamed for everything.

    However, what it really does is actually do the complete opposite from its intended effect (much like the repeated aggressions by the Israeli military do) when one thinks about it for a brief moment. One clearly sees this silly double standard of reportage that is part of the parody once again in the very reality of how Israel deals today with the press. Zionist apologists come off entirely just like that pretend New York Times (liberal press in their crazed eyes!) front page does! Foiled again by their own manipulations it would seem?

    So what type of dishonesty deliberately and continually engages in these games of hoaxes, clouding up of basic issues with continual clouds of bs, legalistic denials of the sort Slick Willy made infamous, and so on? Zionist racists who want others to think that they are the victims, even as they pound the literal crap out of small children who are civilians. They want us all to excuse what they think of as ‘collateral damage’ in their supposedly just cause.

    The means justifies the end in their play book.

  4. Avatar Don says:


    I was preferring to Mark Levine’s piece.

  5. Avatar Don says:

    “Referring” not “Preferring

  6. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Ok, ‘Don’, I’m sure you were. I’m glad you read it.

  7. Avatar Christian says:

    Are you aware a group of Palestinians snuck into the home of a Jewish family of five living in the Gaza Strip, including a 5 year old, 3 year old, and 2 month old, two weeks ago, slit both parents’ and all the childrens’ throats, then celebrated in the streets? I didn’t make that up, I read it in the Wall Street Journal yesterday.

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