Give Israeli Apartheid Timberland boot

for support of Israeli Apartheid

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3 Responses to Give Israeli Apartheid Timberland boot

  1. Avatar zahadum says:


    first time visitor here (landed on a completely unrelated page).

    is this web site anti-isreal?

    what you should be boycotting is all those who give aid & comfort to the terrorists eg hamas & hezbollah!

    hunt them down like vermin!

    the terrorists are a threat to civilization.

    any company that does business with israel should be PATRONIZED not boycotted!

    u guys have your PC values all wrong!

  2. Yeah, we kind of notice that you came and commented on the article decrying Child Exploitation and said something on the lines of Oh, Baby Nice Butt…

    So you get all self righteous over somebody also noticing that Other People within the government of Israel have said what YOU said, that the Palestinian people weren’t Human and should be hunted down and Murdered, along with anybody who, like for instance Us, should keep our mouths shut about YOUR anti-HUMAN activities, or be declared by YOU to be “non-Human” and hunted down and Murdered.

    Merry Christmas. Jesus loves you. Everybody else thinks you suck.

  3. Is that enough “aid and comfort” to the Sub-Human Untermenschen you decided aren’t worthy of Life?

    Is it sufficient to get you to crawl out of your mom’s basement and come looking for me? Or are you going to continue searching for Lolita Porn instead?

    Talk about your basic “Terrorism” in action. I, for one, am really glad you did that. Your own words are condemnation of the very essense of the Anti-Human violence expressed by (ahem) ONE side in the ongoing struggle.

    Thank you. No, REALLY. Thank you very very much.

    Your hatred, ignorance and lust for the Extremely Young all combined, that’s the perfect Christmas Gift.

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