Boycott Israeli Apartheid COS Day 2

COLORADO SPRINGS- While Gaza Freedom Marchers remain confined in Cairo, stateside solidarity actions continue apace. Join Coloradans For Peace for DAY2 of the ISRAELI APARTHEID BOYCOTT at SW entrance of Chapel Hills Mall, intersection of Briargate and Agora Point. Noon Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “Boycott Israeli Apartheid COS Day 2

  1. Brother JonahBrother Jonah

    True that… And also that Bruce managed to scam the “justice” system of Our Common Village, even to the point of blatant Jury Tampering, and got acquitted.

    Maybe if the Local Gestapo want to press the issue against us, Doug Bruce and the rest of the Tea Party “patriots” would feel honor bound to act as Pro-Bono attorneys on our behalf?

    Either that or be exposed, ONCE MORE, as the lying two-faced hypocrites they really are.

  2. Brother JonahBrother Jonah

    Also that’s on a Public Right of Way. Not IN the mall itself, but outside on the sidewalk. Entrance to the parking areas. The only way they COULD find a citation to write is if some Pedestrian Traffic were obstructed by the demonstration. Much like the Tea Party use of the Public Parks and denying, by such actions, anybody else the use and enjoyment of the Publicly Owned Parks.

    Double standards are nothing new here. Nor are Selective Enforcements, like the St Paddy’s Day Massacre.

    But if the Reich Wing want to keep up the pretense of Fighting For Freedom, well…

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