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Israel- Should a nation of land thieves really be considered as being somehow a democracy?

Robert Fantina asks this question and answers it well in his excellent commentary Stolen Land- Israel, Settlements and Democracy The green on the maps above represent the original land that Palestinians had for their people back in 1946, now being … Continue reading

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West Bank purge of settlement goods: boycotting your own pantry hurts who?

The Palestinian Authority’s issuing stickers to West Bank houses who’ve destroyed their goods from Israeli settlements reminds me of wingnut hate-mite Michelle Malkin in 2007 instructing her viewers to scour their homes for products to “boycott.” The technique brims with … Continue reading

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Don’t buy Israeli Apartheid

Interesting counterpoint in Ha’aretz this morning about the Goldstone Report on the recent war crimes committed in Gaza, where the UN commission found grounds to investigate both Hamas and Israel for violations.   Hamas rejects the charges based on population’s … Continue reading

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In Israeli Apartheid, you and I are black

Sorta-leftist websites are touting use-to-be-leftist Uri Avnery’s weekend article in Ma’an called “Tutu’s Prayer.” Where, the founder of Israel’s Gush Shalom (touted as “fairly far left” as opposed to grandfather- clause’d phony) argues against the BDS boycott of Israel and … Continue reading

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The American Caterpillar stormtroopers

Here come the stormtroopers with their American made caterpillar. Jewish Human Rights Activist Ezra Nawi now tries to stop this nasty American bug! Ezra then goes to jail as the stormtrooper gang has a jolly good time.   Doesn’t all … Continue reading

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Who said Israel is an Apartheid State?

“Israel, like South Africa, is an apartheid state.” …Who said this? The ANSWER   Further Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd, the Architect of Apartheid, said “…a colonial racist mentality which rationalised the genocide of the indigenous peoples of the Americas and Australasia, … Continue reading

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Israel as Old South USA- No Nigger Arabs need apply here

In Jonathan Cook’s The “Hebrew Labor” Principle Lives On, one gets a true picture of the Jewish State as Old South USA. We often hear in Zionist posts to our blog that, ‘Our Arabs get treated better than they do … Continue reading

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Israel needs a new ‘security fence’ to protect women from former President Slick Moshe

Moshe Katsav was the Israeli political architect of that fixture of Apartheid Jewish State Israel, the so-called ‘security fence’, though it now seems that Jewish women have long needed a security fence to keep themselves safe from Slick Moshe! Ex-Israel … Continue reading

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A look at Life under Jewish Apartheid

In his book Israeli Palestinians: the Unwanted Who Stayed, Jonathan Cook paints a picture which reminds me in some ways of the Deep South in the late Fifties and early Sixties which I vaguely experienced as a young kid. But … Continue reading

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