Boycott Israel Apartheid this Christmas

Boycott Divestment and Sanctions of Israel to end Palestinian OccupationIn solidarity with the ONE MILE MARCH to free Gaza, on the one year anniversary of Israel’s genocidal incursion into Gaza, let’s kick start a Colorado Springs effort to support the Global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement against Israel, to end apartheid and free Palestine. There are many US/Israeli companies who promote or profit from the illegal occupation of Palestine. On December 28, let’s target those in the Chapel Hills Mall!
L’Oreal, Revlon, Estee Lauder, Ahava, Hanes, Timberland, Teva, Victoria’s Secret, and Bath & Body Works.

American citizens can feel a vague sense of disconnectedness with respect to US business ties with Israel, or we can trace the responsibility for the injustices suffered in Palestine directly to retailers in our neighborhoods. Let’s let these local outlets know we will not tolerate their companies’ agenda in Palestine.

These are just among the consumer products and retailers which actively support Israel’s illegal actions in Palestine. Others you can boycott in town include Home Depot, Starbucks, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Sara Lee, Danon, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly Clarke, AOL Time Warner, [Fox] News Corp, IBM, Intel, Nokia, Motorola and Caterpillar.

The BDS movement against Israel is attempting to recreate the same pressures which ultimately brought down apartheid in South Africa. Academic, cultural and business boycotts are targeted against US and Israeli companies which participate in the settlement industry, the economic exploitation of Palestine and Palestinians, and control of the population.

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13 Responses to Boycott Israel Apartheid this Christmas

  1. Avatar andy says:

    l’oreal is on PETA’S “COMPANIES THAT DO TEST ON ANIMALS” list.. bastards!!

  2. Avatar Jeff Mitchell says:

    Only problem with your post is apartheid doesn’t exist in Israel. Non-Jews are accorded the same human rights and civil liberties as Jews.

  3. There’s another comment pending that “Apartheid doesn’t exist in Israel and all people in Israel are treated with equal rights and equal protections”.
    They say that about America too… Equally false. I know that because I live in America. For Israel, we only have the word of the IDF and Likud.

    Things like the Bedouin, the only tribe of Arabs who actually supported the State of Israel in 1948, not being allowed to run for office or participate in the vote.

    Things like the “tunnels” into the Israeli Blockaded Warsa… errr Gaza not-a-ghetto where the Bad Wicked Naughty Palestinians were smuggling in Food, Water and Medical Supplies… (According to the IDF.)

    But it’s not apartheid and really, aside from a sovereign country not being allowed Food, Water and Medical supplies, the Palestinians’ rights and liberties are Exactly Equal to those of Israelis.

    In a Kosher Pig’s Eye… (it was a circumcised hog)

    And Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, and anybody else not considered “Real Americans” are still treated with respect and equanimity by the Police, Courts and other Corporate-owned Entities here in America, too… Even though the Corporate Government doesn’t actually believe they deserve it.

  4. Eric Eric says:

    Apartheid Israel, for beginners: Non-Jews are third-class citizens without CIVIL RIGHTS lacking the right to VOTE, and are subjected to oppressive security restrictions the closer their activities bring them to fellow “chosen” citizens.

  5. Avatar dean says:

    Why isn’t McDonalds on your boycott list?

  6. Avatar Jeff Mitchell says:

    Eric, I recognize you’re not very bright nor well-educated, however, non-Jewish Israeli citizens have the right to vote. Your genetics are inferior for you to be so dumb.

  7. Eric Eric says:

    JeffMitchell aka Haganah IDF Troll,
    We’ll let your comment through just to remind readers of the IDF’s incivility, insincerity and sense of humor.

    The rights of Israeli non-Jews no not extend to challenging the Jewish theocracy.

    And Dean, we were restricting our boycott to consumer goods, but there is a McDs in the Chapel Hill Mall. McDonalds raises funds to build illegal settlements and they poison everyone, so why not boycott McDs too. Thank you!

  8. Avatar Pinche says:

    Jeff, it is you who is the amazingly stupid and uneducated person here. Your claim that all have equal rights in Israel is just plain asinine. Anybody who just looks at the Star of David on the Israeli national flag knows who has rights and who doesn’t in that country. If you could get yourself declared Jewish down at the local US Synagogue they’d even let a nitwit like you immigrate into the country to become a new citizen even as you fly past some Arab native now noncitizen with a Jewish foot up his ass flying out the other way with all his property left behind for the new arrivals like your own dumb self.

  9. Avatar Grace Yenne says:

    Good for Britian for putting pressure on illegal West Bank Settlements and their illegal stolen produce. Let’s hope this gains momentum.

  10. Avatar ilona@israel says:

    what exactly is illigal here? any examples of genocid please? i think may be egypt has to pay money to israeli people coz they used them as slaves for a long time? i am sorry but to me it sounds like a nonsence. i dont mean to be rude, but i dont undertand the reasons of such boycott

  11. Eric Eric says:

    Thank you for asking. Putting settlers unto occupied land is illegal under the Geneva Conventions and that’s why the UN has continuously issued sanctions for Israel to stop. Likewise, exploitation the resources of an occupied land by the occupier is also illegal under the Geneva Conventions.

    Of course you may point the finger at the US, guilty for expecting to repay itself by selling Iraq’s oil, and you’d be right. Both are guilty.

  12. Great post to remind folks at this time of year. One thing no one mentions in all this talk of boycott is that the Jews INVENTED the boycott more or less. Their “terrible power of the purse” is how they force people, businesses, etc to bow to their will and have utilized this technique for thousands of years. Now they use in in the media, if they don’t already own it, their trick is to just withdraw their business.

    ALSO not mentioned is that, after their initial betrayal of Germany in WW1, and it was nasty, they decided to break Germany and called for an international boycott in Germany. That is why people were beginning to get angry with them. It was bad enough that they had to pay for the betrayal, but now “for the sake of human decency” as the slogan went, Germany was starving. The boycott was indeed international and very very contentious.

    So they have NO RIGHT to cry “poor little Israel” over this boycott on them today. NONE whatsoever!

  13. Avatar Levo says:

    Israel; the unannounced Human Rights Violator will have to change its murderous ways or risk total isolation in the region!!! … the latest warning came from the only country and a friend; Turkey, who has the capability to wipe this tiny troublesome nation off the map!

    Heed the warnings and change your murderous ways.

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