Hugo Chavez will liberate the Americas

Hugo ChavezWhen I was in Venezuela, I remember President Hugo Chavez was derided for thinking himself heir to the aspirations of the great Simon Bolivar. I remember laughing myself. You don’t compare yourself to Washington, or Napoleon for that matter. Though no doubt the world laughed at their ambitions too. Affluent Venezuelans didn’t like Chavez, and as a result neither did the press. They depicted him as an uneducated monkey, a dark-skinned un-sophisticate, hoping his ego would eventually be humiliated by his inadequate aptitude for walking upright. Could the Spanish blue-blood snobs have been more wrong?

I was sweating this election, knowing that the US has been waging a full out subversive war to remove the outspoken anti-American. Chavez’s work is not done, but sitting on Venezuela’s incomparable oil reserves, he is not far from getting there. If American incumbents can hang on in the Senate until their 90s, certainly Chavez should be able to ride out his populist appeal to lengths like Fidel Castro or Mao or other bigger than life icons.

Venezuelan voters removing the term limits which would hinder a continued Chavez rule, is a victory not only for Venezuela, not only for Latin America, but for all non-aligned nations, and in the end, for all people. Finally a social-conscious reformer blessed with a big stick, big oil. Congratulations Mr. Chavez. You are indeed the Bolivarian liberator who rises against the oppressive New World Order.

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4 Responses to Hugo Chavez will liberate the Americas

  1. Avatar jonah says:

    See, Chavez has a lot in common with Israel.

    Certain Right Wing Propagandists, especially one Patrick Robertson, who disguises his War Lobbying as Religious Teaching,

    and thus his enormous paychecks and travel benefits etc etc etc are Tax Free…

    Would like to see Israel Killed just as much as they want to see Chavez killed.

    Could it be that some of the Trolls want to see Israel destroyed as much as they do Chavez?

    I’ve heard preachers on TV saying they actually hope Iran does get at least one nuke and nukes Israel.

    I wouldn’t even have to be a Christian or study much of the Bible to realize that as WRONG.

    In case our Mystery Troll really isn’t in America, (but It is) that’s the kind of Anti-Semitism It’s been preaching.

    Netanyahu as well.

    And the type of Anti-Americanism as well.

    Because once we allow our leaders to Unquestioned assume the Imperial mantle, we doom our nation to the same fate as all the other nations that did so.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    I hope that Chavez can help liberate Guatemala from the destruction that the Americans and Israelis have caused the people there?

    See Project Censored 1983 to read some about ISRAEL: MERCHANT OF DEATH IN CENTRAL AMERICA

  3. Avatar Alejandra S.G says:

    Orale, un gringo hablando bien del presidente Hugo Chávez…
    Agrego un dato más:
    SEgún el Indice de Desarrollo Humano de la ONU, Venezuela se encontraba en el lugar 69, en el año 2002.
    Para el año 2008, avanzó al lugar 61; es decir, 8 lugares en 6 años, mucho en comparación a otros paises, por ejemplo México que en el mismo periodo sólo avanzó 3 lugares… Pero el sistema ecónomico es totalmente diferente en ambos paises.
    ¡Felicidades, su página fue una grata sorpresa! (Congratulations your site web gave me a pleasant surprise!)

  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Gracias por visitarnos, Alejandra. Siempre tu eres bienvenida aqui.

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