Progressive Insurance clown makeup

Flo the Progressive Insurance checkout cashierMy favorite TV commercial has to be the Dr Pepper candy aisle parade, but next best is Progressive Insurance’s painted lady Flo. The unselfconscious checkout geek is simply a brilliant solution to a daunting PR challenge. Who does not despise their insurance company? We hate their greed and eagerness to invade our privacy, in the person of the operator trying to glean more information than you want to tell, to the adjuster intent on paying out as little as possible. How then does an ad campaign portray an insurance spokesperson who is likeable and still believable?

Make her an object of ridicule, although oblivious to judgment. Flo’s not prettier than anyone, nor smarter, nor certainly fashionable, and as a result she is completely non-threatening. Throw in an indefatigable enthusiasm and she becomes endearing beyond words. She’s an insurance rep you can’t hate because why bother?

Nothing new to the stereotype, Flo is Madge of Palmolive meets Drew Carey’s nemesis Mimi Bobeck. But they obviously threw in sex appeal, which I lack for insight to deconstruct.

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8 Responses to Progressive Insurance clown makeup

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Well, she’s asking you if you want something, Eric?

  2. She seems pretty nuts to me.

    The Professor

  3. Avatar Cesar says:

    Sounds like you just want to complain about Flo for no real reason. Don’t have anything good to blog about?

  4. Avatar Matthew says:

    I’m not sure about all the hype going on about Progressive Insurance spying on a church group? What’s that all about? But I will tell you this, the person who plays “Flo” for the commercials, if she really is named Flo, doesn’t change my opinion of her as a person. I think that Flo is extremely attractive and I might add, very good for PR for Progressive Insurance. I really like her, as do my kids. My kids tell me that she would make a great ‘mommie’, my kids say that they would want someone like her to be their mom. When my kids see a Progressive commercial, they yell “Flo’s on TV!! Daddy, she’s on!”, I would like to say this, “Flo” you’ve made an impression on my kids and to me. You’re a wonderful person and a great human being. I would like to give that as a compliment to “Flo” from me and my children. You’ll always have a place in our home and our hearts. Keep up the great work.

  5. Avatar zK says:

    “Who does not despise their insurance company? We hate their greed and”

    WE? You must refer to the single collective obamanoid brain which equates anything relating to prosperity as “greed”.

    Wonder if FDR had to demonize America to fail it. Surely those people didn’t opt for a crashing depression out of some secularist mindless vow of poverty.

    You useful libiots to anti-Americans ARE the problem.

    Fashionable.. what a bunch of airheads. Hope-n-change that when youre pushing your shopping carts around town looking for a left tennis shoe you find a fashionable one.

  6. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    You are practically incoherent, Dude. About the only thing that you said that made any sense was that you are offended by us for attacking insurance companies. That seems to make us ‘anti-Americans’ in your dazed mind?

    And like you’re some super star American all wrapped in Old Glory? You’re just a dumb puke, Zeke, who demonizes ‘liberals’.

  7. Avatar Caseyy says:

    I Love Flo ! Ill Love To Meet Her !

  8. Avatar Debbi says:

    I changed my insurance because of Flo, I LOVE her!

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