India terror suspect arrested then shot

chongkham sanjitA photographer in Manipur, India documented the arrest of terror suspect Chongkham Sanjit on July 23, and wound up witness to an execution. The pics are SFW: the death squad ducked their victim into the adjacent pharmacy. A red circle indicates the arrestee, the arrow in the photo below shows which way he is led to be killed.

chongkham sanjit

chongkham-sanjitNote the soldiers already blocking off the killing spot. The trigger man waits at far right in camouflage cap.

chongkham-sanjitSanjit is following cooperatively.

chongkham-sanjitAn officer pulls out his handgun.


Arrestee is suddenly pushed into vacated shop.

chongkham sanjitSanjit’s body is dragged from the shop.

chongkham sanjitDisplayed in military pickup truck, beside body of Rabina Devi, victim of the minutes earlier police crossfire.

Official story: Sanjit wounded four and killed bystander while resisting arrest.

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