Jail the jailer! Throw Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Federal Prison

Joe ArpaioGuantanamo is just the tip of the iceberg for taking down the work of the Bush-Cheney Klan that now continues to infiltrate positions of power at all levels throughout the US. Racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio has already murdered some of his prisoners, tortured many more of them, and is himself nothing more than a common criminal. He belongs in jail but just not his own one. He needs to be taken out of power first of all, but then thrown in a Federal Prison where he most certainly does belong!

Arizona needs to do some real soul searching to figure out what it is about the place that produces these assholes like, Joe Arpaio? Too much Injun killing in the past perhaps? See Chained Immigrants Paraded By Arizona Sheriff

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23 Responses to Jail the jailer! Throw Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Federal Prison

  1. That the one who has the fetish for making male prisoners wear pink panties?

    I’m sure Phoenix has, you know, bars where he can find somebody to help him resolve his fantasies.

    Of course our Pig-Sucker “friends” are going to pounce on that.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:


    House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.), and Immigration Subcommittee Chairwoman Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), Constitution Subcommittee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), and Crime Subcommittee Chairman Bobby Scott (D-Va.) called on Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to investigate allegations of misconduct by Maricopa County (Arizona) Sheriff Joe Arpaio

  3. Avatar jonah says:

    Right on.

  4. Avatar CINDY FEATHER says:


  5. Avatar Lafoe says:

    Joe Arpaio was not created by Arizona. He is simply a “snake charmer”. He has ran and even been elected to office prior to his reign as supreme lord of Maricopa. It is likely that he targeted Arizona for it’s huge population of retired conservative voters. Arpiao has strengthened racism in all types of people. His tactics are simply to frighten people with lies and speculation, in enticement for them to give up their rights. People need to take a look at who allows this to happen. VOTERS! And the politicians they put in place who look the other way when government officials break the law and disgrace our constitution.

  6. Avatar daniel says:

    wow…this guy is a real S.O.B……he is truly racist

  7. Avatar monica says:

    joe needs to stop seperating families!!! and spend more time with his.

  8. Avatar MR BEANS says:




  9. Avatar Brendan says:

    joe arpio is the best thing that could happen to this country. he should run for president. you guys need to stop worrying about the poor poor people on the other side of the line and worry about the people here…..

  10. Avatar Brendan allen Marschall says:

    especialy you mr. bean, new england? ok bud you sound like you know what your talkin about. thats why its good to be native, el presidente la mexico need to control his country and provide jobs that doesnt pay in chiklets

  11. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Just like every other Cop Arpaio is a Coward Pig who hides behind his fellow PIGS.

    I’ve been harassed and Threatened at Gunpoint for the “crime” of Looking Mex. You can see my Picture up at the top of the page.

    The Racist PIGS who stopped me for “looking Mex” said that stopping people at gunpoint based on their racial characteristics isn’t “Racist” that makes them not only Cowards, and Racists, but LIARS on top of it.

    Yeah, Brendan, I said that.
    What are you going to do, sick the Minutemen on me? Have somebody else do your fighting for you?

    That’s what Arpaio does.

    Racist Pukes.

  12. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    By the way, Lou Dobbs lives in New England. So is HE not qualified to open his Pie Hole about his Racist Fantasies?

    I lived in El Paso. TEXAS. Right there on the border. Your Lunatic Fringe Racists like the Minutemen and their official Racist Brethren the Border Patrol make it where an American Citizen whose ancestors have been in North America for 10,000 years produce Identification, because we don’t “look American enough”?

    Yeah, and the Horses you freaks rode in on, bubba.

  13. Avatar Doc says:

    I think that perhaps some of us unemployed Americans should enter into Mexico, armed of course, refuse to show papers, and ask for all the welfare available here.

  14. Amazingly, that IS what happened, when the Texas Revolution and California Bear Flag Republic, waves of semi-legal heavily armed immigrants into the northern parts of Mexico, picked a fight with the Government of Mexico and got the United States Army to invade when the Bad Ol’ Tyrant Antonio Jose y Maria Lopez de Santa Ana sent troops to quell the uprisings.

    Joe Arpaio and ALL, not just some, of his backers are RACISTS purely and simply.

  15. The Non-white citizens of Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, California, Montana, the Dakotas, really the entire United States, but in particular those parts seized from Mexico, were granted Citizenship even though our ancestors had been here for 10,000 years, FINALLY, in 1911.

    Now Arpaio and his Ku Klux Kops have given themselves the power to take away any rights of citizenship from anybody who appears “mex” in other words Native American Indian.
    His PIG accomplices have already been doing that “on the cool” for the past two and a half centuries, but now it’s officially the Law of the Land in Arizona that being Non-White means not fully granted the rights of citizenship…

    No matter how long OUR families have been here.

    And Joe Arpaio really should go to a bar or two (ahem) where somebody can help him work through his fetish of men wearing pink panties.

  16. Avatar jaime says:

    Brother Jonah. te felicito por ser una persona culta y por hablar con fundamentos basados en la historia.

    el racismo siempre va a existir ya que esta sustentado en la ignorancia y la falta de preparacion y de cultura por eso siempre vas a encontrar gente como Brendan o Doc que apoyan a lunaticos como arpaio y que creen que son mejores personas inclusive se creen inteligentes y hasta superiores a los mexicanos.

    en el fondo ese es su gran temor ya que los mexicanos somos creativos, listos, emprendedores, incluso capaces de cruzar fronteras, y de arriesgar nuestra vida por nuestros ideales.

    Gran parte del territorio de estados unidos pertenecio a mexico, fue nuestro y llegara el dia en que lo recuperemos. asi lo dice la ley de la gravedad. y las leyes de la fisica no estan a discusion. Todo lo que sube tiene que bajar.

  17. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    en otras palabras, el reconquista. Pero la raza india nunca (falta de palabra, hago la misma en ingles) “left”. Jamas.

    Estamos en lugar a donde Dios nos (otra vez falta de palabra, necesito a practicar hablando)(y escribiendo) Created nuestras familias.

    Debo cambiar en ingles, because I really need to practice Spanish. Political boundaries, they are created in the minds of people who wish to control the earth and all the people in it.

    Lines drawn on paper and the people are told “here you may not cross”.

    “Here you may work, and live and breathe, but on the other side, you must not. Here you are granted the right to breathe and live but if you cross this line you can be killed or jailed”

    Los derechos des hombres no pueden sera limitados solamente a hombres huedos, ni de hombres morenos ni hombres cholos.
    Todos estamos iguales en toda manera y moda.
    (Mi primer lengua no es español, puede Ud. ver?)
    Hatred should not divide us any more than lines drawn on paper.
    Yet there are many who would have it so. My thought is that they, those who Hate, are not the majority, that most people are more tolerant. If I am wrong, so be it. Paz, Amistad y toda bendicion.

  18. Avatar Rob says:

    First off No land was stolen from Mexico, Santa Ana signed the treaty and that is that! Secondly there are no native Americans, the people who are refered to as American indians immigrated here from Asia. Originally no one lived here so the land was “stolen” from no one! Third there is no country in existence that is currently populated by the original occupents. But hey, what the hell don’t ever let facts nor logic interfere with your assinine liberal BS.

  19. President Lopez (de Santa Ana with ONE n) signed the treaty as willingly as Moctezuma signed the treaty with his Conquistador ancestors. At Gunpoint, and they even took his leg as a souvenir (a wooden leg)
    The Texas Revolution was rigged up by Polk in order to have a pretext for taking as much Mexican Territory as he could, and the “provocations” for the Mexican-American War were mostly on the part of the United States.

    Hey, that was REAL “voluntary”.
    That’s like saying somebody who gives the robber at the Seven-Eleven all the money in the cash register “voluntarily” gave the money away. Nothing at all to do with the several Thousand U.S. Soldiers and Marines there with guns pointed at everybody, “sign or die!” Nope.

    And Zeb Pike, local “hero” who “discovered” the Ute Pass and Tava, which he renamed for himself (Pike’s Peak) even though there were thousands of years of people living in the area…
    I guess them thar injun folk and the Spanish who had a written land claim, verified ratified and certified by Treaty with the United States Congress, never once looked up at it and said, “gee, that mountain there, it’s kind of big ain’t it?”

    Pike, being on a mission from the United States Army to map through territory that wouldn’t be officially U.S. territory for 29 more years… Hmmm, 3 decades worth of planning to seize the land but it wasn’t anything like Robbery or Invasions or anything?

    So, that takes care of your first sentence, appropriately named Rob. Wanna really try for the “furthermore” part?

    See, Native Americans have a slightly different view of your Conquest errr “Discovery of an Empty Land With No People” than you do.

    You see, the view from one end of the gun is quite different than the view from the other. Perhaps next you’ll say the Border Patrol weren’t racist for pointing guns at me because I “look mex” and that the Slave Flag isn’t really about Hatred, but Heritage?

    Dude, maybe you don’t get the same level of Racism aimed at you because you happen to look more pale than me, therefore, in your mind, the Racism doesn’t exist, it must be just a myth.

    Oh, hey, speaking of Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them, remember Lou Dobbs supposedly had his house shot at “by mexicans”? Mexicans that only HE knows about because there was no evidence found of any such attack… No suspect detained, nobody actually charged with it?

    Guess we gotta take his word for it, just like we gotta take your word for it that your Racist Attacks aren’t racially motivated.

  20. Avatar Anna says:

    No one is trying to run off legal Americans of darker complexion. Many of our people, from all over the world, have worked hard to become citizens. Many of the original citizens fought and died to be liberated from tyranny. Many of their childrens children are now fighting hard to stop the tyranny that is presently rearing its ugly head. The Mexican Americans who have fought hard to be American citizens are proud of their accomplishments and would like their ex-countrymen, who cannot get along in their old country, or their new one, to stop interfering with the way others look at them. A few short years ago they were not all viewed as illegals who cannot abide by the laws of either country. Mexican Americans who fought hard to become citizens also love this country, that’s why they became citizens. It sounds to me like Mr. Jonah is a dangerous radical extremist. If you are a citizen, get active, vote, speak (without cursing). If you are not a citizen, become one and then get active, vote and speak out.

  21. Yeah, right. So when I get stopped by some murderous Minuteman PUKE who objects to the color of my skin I’m supposed to grovel to him and call him a Patriot? Or the Racist Border Patrol.

    I don’t think they’re trying to run us off, just turn Workers against each other based on racial and religious differences, same as the “Patriotic” business “leaders” have been doing for more than two centuries. I’m sure there are some Hispanics who would trade their families and culture and self respect to assimilate and kiss the collective Arse of racist cowards like Joe Arpaio and Tancredo and Lou Dobbs and Michelle Malkin and John McCain and Sarah Palin.

    Uncle Toms come in a rainbow of colors, like Larry Naves and Steele and “Justice” Clarence Thomas and his openly Corporate Whore wife.

    There were even Jews who worked for the Nazis in Germany and Poland to try to save their own skins, by throwing away their families’ skins. Theirs were vain attempts, sucking up to the Self-Proclaimed Masters always is.

    The Anti-Immigrant Racists proved their racism to me personally in the violent assaults on my person and my liberty for the so-called “crime” of “looking mex”. No amount of sucking up by collaborators will erase that from my mind, nor the minds of the literally countless others who have similar experiences.

    You can suck up to them all you want, all that does is move your name a little further down their Potential Victims List.

    They proclaim their racism, too, with their slanders against Muslim Americans, Black Americans including the President of the United States, and their display of Racist symbolism at their rallies like the Confederate flag and the Nazi flag.

    They’re not “closely allied with” the Ku Klux Klan and American Nazis, they ARE the Klan and the Nazis, with a new name that they use in a vain attempt to hide their racism, for a while.

    What will they offer us if we willingly give up OUR rights as citizens, to allow them to commit no-warrant arrests or OTHER violent assaults, at their pleasure and whenever they God-damn please? That they’ll “give us back” those rights at a time THEY decide is fitting?

    No God-damn way, babe.

  22. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    By the way, they have no means of “getting rid of us”. To do that would deprive them of their sources of labor, and that, lady, crosses many racial lines as well. The Parasite Class themselves are in their own tightly packed corner of the Right Wing, a majority of Anglo persons. Spread into the general population, that percentage decreases drastically until their own Ethnically Pure Ideal Americans are in a very distinct minority, yet they claim the legal power to decide who else is or is not an American.

    Puerto Ricans, for instance, were given citizenship as a way to get them to accept the Military Conquest (not “liberation from tyranny” as your propaganda suggests) and have now been officially labeled as “suspects” and for all practical purposes stripped of their citizenship by the Racist Pukes who also pull the strings for the Minutemen and Sheriff Arpaio.

    American Indians the same way, and African Americans. We’re supposed to “earn” the right to citizenship with which we were BORN, to grovel to the Overwhelmingly White Anglos like Sarah Palin and be given what, exactly, in exchange? The so-called “right” to citizenship with the very real limitation of Racist PUKES like them being able to rescind that citizenship at a moments notice?

    Sarah Palin repeatedly called people who don’t agree with her “not REAL Americans” as though she has the God-Damn right to take away our status of American if we don’t grovel to her Racist agenda. She points to her “Uncle Tom” Alaska Native husband as being somehow proof that she’s not a racist nor is her Agenda racist.

    And the Anti-Immigrant Klan/Nazi/Minutemen worship her as their goddess. Piss on that.

  23. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    What I call a fool is somebody like Jonah, who on one thread is calling me a supposed defender of the Tea Baggers, and on the other is replying to a Right Winger on a commentary written by myself way back in the past (before Eric decided to turn NMT into a complete idiot Democratic Donkey rag) where I attacked Joe Arpaio’s politics!

    Talk about being disconnected from reality, Jonah… Attacking the Democratic Party, which are co-war mongers and Republican buddies does not make one automatically some sort of a buddy of the Tea Bagger group of Republicans. How stupid of you to think that it does! Really!

    Stop defending the Democratic Party and treating them with kid gloves, Jonah and Eric. (Eric, at least will take a fake jab at them from time to time, but you, Jonah, just stand there like a fool and take their ‘punches’ from them and smile like a damn idiot.)

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