Kingmaker Avigdor Lieberman of The Wonderful Country

lieberman riceAvigdor Lieberman is The Man! He’ll be Israel’s Decider choosing Israel’s next Boss and here he is as seen by many inside Israel itself. …Israeli TV show depicts Lieberman as a Darth Vader-esque dictator Watch! Things are a little bit different than the Internet Megaphone Israeli propaganda spam machine spells it out for naive American Zionist backers. Avigdor Lieberman reminds us of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld rolled up into one ugly human being.

More about nightclub bouncerman Lieberman and his Jewish Fascist Movement at wikipedia. The idea that Israel is some sort of ideal democracy is just about as naive and out of it as to have ever thought that Germany in the early 1930s was just such a thing.

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19 Responses to Kingmaker Avigdor Lieberman of The Wonderful Country

  1. Avatar Mitch Horace says:

    Note To Middle East Terrorists: Be afraid, be very afraid.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Mitch, you so stupid. See the level we have to reply to get down to the same level as yourself?

  3. Avatar Mitch Horace says:

    No Loyalty, No Citizenship!

  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    No Brains, you should shut up. Are you a Marine or football player? Are you a blonde, Mitch?

  5. Avatar Mitch Horace says:

    None of the above. I am, however, an Israeli. Nice to meet you 🙂

  6. Avatar Mitch Horace says:

    “Note To Middle East Terrorists: Be afraid, be very afraid”

    Note to Israeli Arabs: Be afraid, be very afraid.

  7. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Mitch should be the one to be thrown off NMT for making terrorist threats to Arabs on this blog. Stupid Jewish Israeli asshole, if we can even believe anything this Turkey says about himself to be true?

  8. Avatar Mitch Horace says:

    If you had spent any time in Israel in recent weeks, you would have seen Israeli Arabs carrying signs, right up to the election, saing, “Death To The Jews” Freedom of speech is one thing, but, calling for the demise of the very people who afford you such freedom is a bit, how you say, ungracious. Lieberman is a result of the overt animosity being displayed by the Arabs in Israel. Quite candidly, I say deport them all if they keep it up.

  9. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Oh yes, it is all defense on the part of Jews, Mitch. Why don’t you take your crap and stuff it back up your rear end, Asshole? You and your fascism do a total disservice to all the other defenders of the ‘Jewish State’ that you are now embarrassing.

  10. Avatar Mitch Horace says:

    In America, carrying a sign, “Death To America”, would likely result in arrest with charges of incitement to riot. Rather than put Arabs in jail in Israel, I think they would much rather live elsewhere in the Middle East than in a state to whch they wish death. Nobody is forcing the Arabs to live in Israel and their place can easily be taken by those with more gratitude for living in Israel.

  11. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    And nobody is forcing the Jewish population to live in Palestine and New York City might be where most of the Israelis belong? (a two state solution) That way the Palestinians could regain the properties and land that fascist scumbags like Mitch don’t think they should have.

    How about it, Mitch, the campus you are at would then be nearer by the ‘Homeland’? And America could guarantee your security from these beastly Arabs you so hate.

  12. Avatar Mitch Horace says:

    And, had the Arabs not attacked Israel, there would be no refugees today and they’d have their own homeland, as well. They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

  13. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    If Zionists had never attacked the Palestinians with Jewish terrorist groups there never would have been a ‘Jewish State’.

  14. Avatar Mitch Horace says:

    Freedom fighters, not terrorists.

  15. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    What a bore you are, Mitch. Go back and study some for your tests.

  16. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    AVRAHAM BURG: Lieberman—Lieberman expresses for me—actually, he’s iconizing for me two kind of phenomena. The first is what happens all around the world, which is very xenophobic. I heard it in the elections here just a couple of months ago. I hear it in Europe with Haider and Blocher and Jean-Marie Le Pen and other. And this is one thing which troubles me a lot, because it is about racism, it’s about xenophobia, it’s about hatred – this time, Jewish hatred and Jewish xenophobia. And I have to fight it. I have to face it personally and collectively.

    Complete Amy Goodman interview for Democracy Now

  17. Avatar Mitch Horace says:

    If Israeli Arabs are conflicted about living in a state that they are hostile toward, there are numerous Arab states they should try to move to. This is not complicated.

  18. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Why don’t Israeli Jews just move to Miami since they feel ‘conflicted’ about the region they live in? …..Mitch, you duh Clown!

  19. Avatar Mitch Horace says:

    >Why don’t Israeli Jews just move to Miami since they feel ‘conflicted’ about the region they live in? …..Mitch, you duh Clown!

    Miami gets too humid in the summer.

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