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These are hardly the native peoples of the ‘Holy Land’ returned to supposedly fulfill Biblical prophecy

Palestinians had to be first robbed of their land and other properties before these Jewish women could carry their guns where they now do... Israeli female soldiers stroll down beach with gun and pose for their IDF (Israeli military) bunny shot. See more Israeli Playboy style shots of non native to the region military personnel... 'ISRAEL ARMY GIRLS Another set of astonish pictures of Israeli Girls with rifles, brave women who serve in IDF.'

professing to be wise they became fools

Israel's plan is to speak its truth to thousands, involve many and select and challenge a few for the purpose of reaching the world with their gospel. The result of the campaign is clear. Preying upon our hungry egos and hopeful self-importance, the Zionists have effectively co-opted Not My Tribe for their own purposes.   Congrats to you. You've chosen well, grasshopper. We'll stay up all night, all week, all month in your service.