What happens on the dark side of the moon, stays on the dark side of the…

What was NASA’s unmanned drone codenamed L-CROSS? A Cape Canaveral thrillcraft? A military space fighter? After the moon dust has cleared –the moon dust that didn’t plume as expected– LCROSS was all of the above. The US space program is administered by the Department of Defense. What happened yesterday on the Dark Side of the Moon depends on who you believe.

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  1. Like for instance a Missile Base where nuns and priests can’t invade with hammers because it’s 250,000 miles beyond the atmosphere. With the added advantage of not having to spend huge amounts on the delivery system, you remember how small the Lunar Exploration Module was, right? Smaller than a VW bug..

    Landed AND took off. into lunar orbit, with a minimum of fuel. It’s the fuel that’s the scariest part of a rocket ride. High explosives in the multiples of Tons. Also the biggest sumbitchin’ problem of maintaining a Missile Base. You can’t just park one and leave it sitting, you have to constantly maintain that really scary Gas Tank

    Launching through the Earth atmosphere and against Earth gravity, about 6 times that of Lunar, to get into orbit and then drop the bombs back through the atmosphere, is a fast way to deliver the “goodies” but a really expensive hassle.

    From the moon all they have to is get it pointed toward Earth, launch of orbit and into Earth’s gravity.

    The big talk around White Sands and Aberdeen back in the Sixties was “we have to get there before the Soviets do, because they’ll put up a missile base”.

    And of course, America would never ever do something that dastardly and despicable.

    But the biggest obstacle to setting up something like that, water.

    Not just to drink and grow food, but to make breathable air.

    Up until now, there wasn’t any found. Welcome to Nightmare, Phase II.

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