Protest at discreet AFB for drones

schriever-air-force-base-coloradoCOLORADO SPRINGS- Local non-confrontational peace activists held a protest today where they knew no one would see them, and to be doubly sure, they timed it so that no commuter traffic would be passing either. Schriever AFB administrates world GPS systems, critical for military drone attacks. Local protesters feel the drones are immoral, but shhh, don’t tell anybody!?

?The action was the latest of the PPJPC antiwar pacification agenda to ensnare well intentioned students and exasperated members. The program, which holds civil disobedience at a reverential arms-length, comprises regular tutoring by liberation theologists, martyr eulogists, CIA-sewn “democracy movements” and AIPAC-directed “humanitarian campaigns.”

1 thought on “Protest at discreet AFB for drones

  1. Yeah, maybe they’re playing to the Uniform Audience. Which has a certain appeal to it, you know there’s about 50 low level technicians with a rank under E4 who had to sit there at computer monitors watching people… watching… watching…

    I can see where it would have a maddening effect on them. Especially watching a dozen nuns kneeling and clicking the worry-beads, or holding candles. Watching… watching… watching… hour after dammitthisissofuckingboring hour.

    You know, if you fall asleep on duty they can legally execute you?

    Or, it’s an attempt to reach their each individual  conscience, and save their souls. On a metaphysical level, one soul being awakened among a large group of deliberately sedated and forcibly sleeping souls…

    Picture it, it’s the consciousness equivalent of a computer virus.

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