New Years Day Oakland cop murder captured on tape

bart policeThe Oakland transit police murder a man in cold blood in front of multiple witnesses and then try to confiscate all the videos of their crime, but they miss one. That one got away on the subway with the film. BART shooting captured on video As you can see by this newspaper article, the police are trying to figure how best to get away with their murder with an excuse, and the press is always willing to cooperate with these cover ups of cop crimes. Oakland Police Cop Watch has the video here…
New Footage of Oakland Man Murdered By BART Cop

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3 thoughts on “New Years Day Oakland cop murder captured on tape

  1. BART officer arrested on murder warrant in NY Day shooting after repeated community protests.

    Who says that protests never accomplish anything? This arrest might never have occurred without these protests and certainly not if the lone woman with the video had not escaped the police confiscating other people’s cameras and videos of their act. Her video showed the police lie.

    Now they just need to arrest those cops that tried to cover-up this crime. The cops need to arrest themselves, it seems. And not for the first time…

  2. I think its time for the citizens of these once proud United States into get rid of the S O B’s across the board and find a better way of hiring cops. I’ve been persecuted by bad cops since i was twelve starting with my stepfather the My-badge-and-gun-lets-me-get-away-with-anything CHILD MOLESTING stepfather, who was WELL documented in multiple law enforcement and other super state lying agencies including the state’s attorneys office, but who cares? that sort of thing is simply practice materiel to learn strategies of how to get away with this sort of thing.

    an d fore you badges out there who try to defend cops as gods, one day you’ll suffer as a god should.

    I hope I’m around to see that day come.

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