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Occupy Denver tells DPD to GET BACK!

Occupy Denver J29 action
Denver occupiers took to the streets last night in solidarity with OCCUPYs nationwide to protest the brutal January 27 clampdown on an attempted squat in Oakland, California. My favorite chant of the evening was “THEY SAY GET BACK, WE SAY FUCK THAT!” but by the march’s end it was DPD officers who were told to back off. As the protesters took Colfax Avenue and adjacent street, Denver cruisers kept traffic away, eliminating potential witnesses or passersby who might join in. But when Occupy Denver led their protest to the police station, officers with riot control weapons closed in to encircle them in what’s now referred to as a “kettle”, or extrajudicial detainment. Taking a page from the DPD manual the occupiers told their would-be attackers to “GET BACK, GET BACK!” and Obi-Wan-Kenobied their way out of the uncivil-liberty trap. [more on the evening’s account later today]

Johannes Mehserle, free, Eli Lilly employees, scot free, Pop Stars doctor, Jailed.

Only, the PIG Johannes Mehserle deliberately shot Oscar Grant, in the back, while Mr Grant was face down on the sidewalk, with the 200 pound PIG Johannes Mehserle kneeling on him. Mr Grant was also already handcuffed. The PIG Johannes Mehserle claimed he though he had his Taser instead of his double-action (rare) Sig-Sauer automatic pistol and was tasering Mr Grant. Why taser a handcuffed man in the first place? Because PIGS, like Johannes Mehserle and every other uniformed badge, are sadistic and sexually enjoy the pain of others, especially when the Others are helpless. Yeah, I do think that of cops. Cops beat it into me, while I was handcuffed and on occasion wile strapped into chairs, for talking bad about them and “hurting their feelings”. Awwww… Poor widdle cwybaby PIGS. What will you do, beat it out of me? While I’m handcuffed of course because you would never engage in equal combat.

This is the Boer Supremacist who pulled the trigger on Mr Grant

There are fewer than a million website references to Johannes Mehserle. How many do you think would be about the Doctor? I’m deliberately not feeding the bear on this…

Ready, set, GOOGLE!

Ooops… more than 72 million in a tenth of a second. Pushing dope with a doctorate usually doesn’t get you any jail time. Ask Eli Lilly and company, thousands of doctorates in their company and almost as many lawyers. Lawyers who make sure the doctors don’t go to jail for KILLING people with drugs such as Zyprexa, which by the company admission over a DECADE ago actually causes and exacerbates inflammations of the liver, kidneys and pancreas, as in: Instant Diabetes How many Eli Lilly employees are serving time or have felony records for that? NOT A SINGLE ONE.

The doctor/dealer/candy man is being pilloried by people, many of whom protested the murder of Oscar Grant, and one helluvalotta more who protested against so much as an Investigation into the actions of Johannes Mehserle or any other killer kop.

The ones who are Back The Badge morons are the ones who scream loudest that the Doctor should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Deliberate murder by Cops? Not a problem, according to the so-called Law and Order fanatics. (“WE make the Laws and YOU obey our orders, or we’ll kill you!”) A truly accidental homicide? 72 million web comments. It had to be accidental, drug dealers seldom deliberately kill the people who lay the golden egg.

The Gossip “news” shows, tabloids in electronic form actually, and the actual tabloids, plus the “legitimate” press and broadcast news, have been on this issue like Stink on Shit since day one.
With not-quite insinuations that the doctor was guilty from day one. No poisoning the jury pool there, no sir! When they preface the Slander Session with “Every accused is innocent until proven guilty, of course” I automatically cringe. It’s like hearing “well, if he had done nothing wrong, why would the police investigate him?” “If you’ve done nothing wrong, why should you fear the gestapo, citizen?” or “I’m not a racist but…”
It means you can almost predict exactly what the bonehead making the statement is going to say.

It’s been on every news show on every station, in every newspaper and every tabloid published since the trial began. How many times in one day was Oscar Grant mentioned on any one network? How many times in the past 11 years was Zyprexa mentioned on the news?

Houston Police behaving badly

Here’s the link. I think they took the video down from where the former link pointed. The Houston mayor says in a quote at the end of it that whoever published the video should be prosecuted. Punished as harshly as the officers? They got misdemeanor charges of Official Oppression. Not Aggravated Assault, Deadly weapon (they all had guns) and Serious bodily injury. (he had to be at least examined by a physician.) Had Chad Holley returned one single blow in self defense he would have had a life sentence for Aggravated Assault on a peace officer, and the punks would have each filed a charge even if he only hit one of them. The District Attorney and any PIG judge in Texas would have convicted him and made the charges consecutive. He would be in the Texas Department of Slave Labor “criminal justice” for the rest of his life. So what was the DA wanting to suppress any public viewing of their tax-money in action all about?

It’s not that she disapproved of the PIGS actions. No officer of the courts, including so-called “defense” attorneys ever object to that kind of shit. It’s because they got caught. And because young Holley had done exactly what the PIGS say a citizen should do when confronted by the PIGS, he surrendered.

And the PIGS assaulted him anyway. In their classic Uniformed Coward Thug Gang Action.

Leaving people like me the moral high ground when we advise people to either flee (preferably) or Fight The PIGS. Violently Resist because meekly complying with their Power Trip won’t do a God-Damned bit of good.

This kind of incident isn’t rare, the rare part of it is that they went to the ultra-violent where there were civilian witnesses.

Usually cops (in every jurisdiction, just, you know, because I know the Colorado Springs Gestapo is going to object) wait until they have their victim in a cell with the only witnesses being their fellow pigs.

Then there’s the idea that he’s identified as “a burglar” not “suspect”. Meaning the PIGS got him to “confess”.

But not through Coercion or anything like that, right? No little hints like, “plead guilty so we can make the Uniformed Thugs who assaulted you look like officers doing their jobs and nothing more” right?

Or suggestions, hints, you know, that if he didn’t do that they would beat him down again, this time with NO non-PIG witnesses. Cops would NEVER do that, right? Just ask Rodney King. An all White jury acquitted the PIGS who attacked him.

This SHOULD be a wake-up call but the back-the-badge knee-jerk MORONS will still refuse to believe it, even with the evidence straight in their collective face. Like they did with Oscar Grant, forced onto the ground then shot in the back while cops held him down.

Like they did in Dallas more than two decades ago with Miss Etta Collins, 87 years old and they shot her through her front door. Then said they had seen a gun in her hand.

Whoa, Nelly! City of Dallas hired Superman, dudes have X-Ray vision.

Back The Badge Morons accepted the PIG version. The PIG who blew her away is still on the force.

Alyanna Jones, age 7, in Detroit, they shot her through the walls from outside her house, then claimed it happened inside when her grandma tried to wrestle a cop with a loaded gun.

Denver cops murdered Marvin Booker in his cell.

All of them got away with their crimes.

Police poster offering from CrimethInc

Per the Blatant murder of Oscar Grant and the Pig who forced him to lay down face down on the concrete before shooting him in the back, and the Reverse Kangaroo Court giving him the lightest possible charge one can obtain after Killing Another Human Being…
For those who haven’t the wit to understand, CrimethInc is a deliberate play on the ThoughtCrime word made up for the novel “1984” by Eric Blair.

The link for the .pdf file in color -the link for the .pdf in black and white… If you’ve got an older form feed printer that costs less than a tenth of a penny per copy, this is a REALLY good one.

Time to stir things up. A few hundred of these posters in places round town, bring the “Back the Badge” sucks out of the woodworks, get them to PUBLICLY scream their support for cold blooded racist murder.

The text of the poster…


The ones who beat Rodney King, who gunned down Sean Bell and Amadou Diallo and Oscar Grant, who murdered Fred Hampton in his bed. The ones who broke Víctor Jara’s hands and Steve Biko’s skull, who disappeared dissidents from Argentina to Zaire, who served Josef Stalin. The ones who enforced Apartheid in South Africa and segregation in the United States. The ones who interrogated Black Panthers and Catholic Workers, who maintained records on 16 million people in East Germany, who track us through surveillance cameras and phone taps. The ones firing tear gas and rubber bullets whenever a demonstration gets out of hand, who back the bosses in every strike. The ones who stand between every hungry person and the grocery shelves stocked with food, between every homeless person and the buildings standing empty, between every immigrant and her family.

In every nation, in every age, you tell us you’re indispensable, that without you we’d all be killing each other. But we know well enough who the killers are. You won’t fuck with us much longer.

Some of our regular readers will no doubt object to the “gratuitous profanity” in the poster text, without once objecting to the gratuitous Police State Violence depicted, the Pigs standing ready to beat down any opposition to their arbitrary rule, might makes right, the Gratuitous Violence of forcing a REAL man to lay face down then shooting him in the back, the Gratuitous Violence inherent in a system of so-called “Justice” that allows the Murdering Pigs to get away with claiming it was somehow an accident…

Here’s how that would sound if You or I entered the same kind of defense in an Aggravated Assault case
“Well, ladies and gentlemen of the Jury, the defendant was standing around with a weapon in his hand, but of course not intending to use it, in this case a 5 inch “Buck” brand fixed blade hunting knife. The alleged “victim” attempted to force the Defendant to kill him by presenting his open belly and deliberately falling toward the knife blade, the Defendant managed to break the fall of the so-called ‘victim’ but unfortunately, the so-called “victim” landed on the point of the blade perforating his small and greater intestines”

That’s what it would sound like if the Defense attorney said it, imagine if the so-called Prosecutor and Judge did it to protect me, deliberately, like they just did for their Fellow Pig? Happens every time a Pig murders somebody. At every level too, local, state, federal, Military.
The Pentagon cleared Blackwater International of 19 counts of murder, (only somehow their count is “only” 17) then a Federal “Prosecutor” managed to make the entire charge go away. Accidentally, of course, as unintentional as the gun in the hands of Officer Johannes Mehserle, the not one but TWO intentional Mass Murders committed by the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan and exposed, after the Military “justice” System “blue walled” their Komrades, in videos taken by the Pigs as they were doing the murders, and laughing while they were doing them,…. all charges against the Murderers cleared, but the persons who published the evidence the Army wanted suppressed, especially Spc Bradley Manning, face charges of Espionage and Treason for telling the truth.

The soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq are now in the terminal stages of going down in abject defeat, accelerated by the cold-blooded murders committed by their comrades and the cold-blooded shielding of those murderers by the Military.

It’s not the videos, the ones that inflamed the Rest Of The World by pointing up the LIES told by the military, that caused the anger of the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan, they need no such reminder. They have to live with it daily, and with the Invaders, in the name of “Freedom” kicking down their doors, forcing them to choose between groveling subservience, “Lick the Boot, Infidel!” or instant death, or slow torture and then death. Or watching their kids slaughtered in front of them.

They need no such videos to inflame THEM, they already know. The same with Oscar Grant, the same with the Murdered Jose Ramirez in Olympia, Washington; Aaron Campbell in Portland, Oregon; The American CHILD Alyanna Jones in Detroit, the other American CHILD Briseña Flores in Arivaca AZ… those who have never faced a sneering gang of uniformed THUGS while handcuffed and helpless, might think such levels of anger to be Madness, insanity,…

One such Pig-loving suck recently haughtily told me that protesting injustice won’t do any good, I have to become wealthy enough to run for political office and THEN reform the system from a position of power. That sounds remarkably like what the Pigs say when they’re beating or tasering a handcuffed victim.

Might makes right, eh, Stephen P.? Gaining political power that way involves selling away your immortal soul, some people might take that cowardly route, but I kind of happen to LIKE my soul.

Those of us who HAVE experienced, sometimes literally, the jackboots on our necks as we lay TEMPORARILY face down and helpless… we understand the rage perfectly, and no, it’s not in any way madness. Insanity would be to accept that collar and chain, accept slavery to a rotted and corrupt system, lick the boots of the “masters” and beg them for their non-existent mercy.

Instead we’re told that not being Stockholm Syndrome Victims on a massive scale, repeatedly licking the master’s hand after we’re beaten down, is The Proper Way To Live.

Fuck that Shit.