No dialog with your hate, Tancredo

Colorado’s own Tom Tancredo wants the media to portray him as a victim of hate, but it’s the other way around. He simply hates Mexicans that try to immigrate to the US after busting their butts off doing all the crap jobs this country gives them. He wants to deny their kids lower tuition rates that the Lily Whiters get no problem getting, Senor. Tancredo speech at UNC draws protests

With all the problems in our world, Tom Tancredo with his heart full of hate wants all of us to think that at the top of that list is Mexican immigration to the US. No, at the top of the list is our country having so many asshole leaders like himself that have been foisted off on us by the Big Money interests. Tom Tancredo has no solutions to anything so he simply makes up a false problem to pester us with, as he advocates doing all the wrong things possible.

Sadly, the district in Colorado that elected a Tom Tancredo is a hopelessly ugly one… literally… you would see as you drive by. The nature is pretty enough YES, but what man has done with it in his ‘developments’ is totally NOT. So what we have is an ugly man for an ugly District (most of Denver’s southern suburbs). Tom Tancredo would have us all in America living in a district like he represents. UGH! We’d rather not.

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