Pacifism versus Resistance, facing death

Pacifism or resistance means death or life
Who can begrudge Palestinians for resisting annihilation ? Our PC ideal would be to resist with nonviolence, bare your chest and dare the IDF soldiers to kill you. But they will, and as Israel has forbidden foreign cameras, who will be moved by your sacrifice?

But what if you’re not being granted the opportunity of being martyred by a tank? Before Hamas’ December rockets, the people of Gaza had been subjected to 18 months of blockade, with no end in sight. How do you make a heroic nonviolent stand against continuous incarceration, where you are being starved of food and medicine and you have nothing to do but watch those around you die?

What recourse do the Palestinians have but to elect representatives like Hamas who promise to take the fight to Israel? The Palestinians will surely rot in Gaza if their jailers are not made to take notice. What right have American pacifists to scold a desperate oppressed people?

In the recent attacks, Israel has targeted hospitals and refugee centers, UN aid workers and emergency food supplies, while blocking incoming aid. Of their 1,100 victims, 320 have been children. Is this how you defend yourself from rockets or how you rid yourself of a problematic population?

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3 Responses to Pacifism versus Resistance, facing death

  1. Avatar David Haddad says:

    Seems to me Palestinians face annihilation not from Israel, who can help the Palestinians out of living in the 7th century, but from their own oppressive and death-obsessed leaders. Palestinians are under a brutal and tyrannical dictatorship in Hamas who do not accord their ‘constituents’ basic human rights. Anyone even suspected of wrongdoing can be executed without a trial. Palestinian children are poisoned by the cult of death: jihad, martyrdom, suicide bombing. Hamas has diverted millions of dollars on rockets that could have been spent to build a state. Instead of roads and sewers, Hamas has delivered smuggling tunnels for rockets. The annihilation of the Palestinians is being committed by Hamas, not Israel

  2. Don Don says:

    Hi, read your blog and have a question: Why haven’t the Arab countries not absorbed the Palestinian refugees? Seems they have enough room and money with 8 nations. I was impressed to see Israel taking in several hundred thousand Ethiopian refugees, so why can’t the Arabs help out, too? One Saudi Prince’s ski house near a friend of mine in Aspen is up for sale for like $100 million. Seems that kind of money could help the Palestinians out. What’s the deal?

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    And, Don, in what country’s pocket do you think that ‘Saudi Prince’ is in? This question of why don’t the Arab countries help the Palestinians out more is so naive and silly, and seems to be the mainstream Zionist’s stock bait offered to the totally ignorant typical American Know-Nothing.

    The US runs most of the Arab world through a combination of bullying, direct force, and ‘aid’ to the multiple dictatorships it does everything in its power to maintain over the populations of the region. Don’t expect folk like ‘Don’ and “David Haddad’ (Yeah, right David …lol) to ever show the simplest sign of acknowledgeing any realities though.

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