Poor Hatemonger Michael Savage is being treated like an illegal alien!

savagePoor Michael the Savage can’t cross borders now without being hunted down like an animal! That just seems so totally unfair, Michael. Who will these Commie authoritarian British thugs go after next? Lou Dobbs? Rush Limbaugh? Tom Tancredo?

Your volk may soon have to float across the English Channel on inflated inner tubes, perhaps, Michael…. all for just a lovely vacation where your language is spoken. Life plays such cruel tricks don’t it?

Hey I like that pimp look you do so well, Mike. US ‘hate list’ DJ to sue Britain

2 thoughts on “Poor Hatemonger Michael Savage is being treated like an illegal alien!

  1. Yeah, he’s whining about that but not about English citizens Bea Arthur (RIP, Maude, RIP) Cat Stevens and the guy who played H.R. Puffenstuff being denied entry to the U.S.

    In fact, the ChickenHawk bastard rejoiced long and loud about it, see my post about Triple Standards…

  2. That seems like ancient history, but it was only 7 years ago.

    There’s so many of the Right Wingers like Savage saying it, so it’s hard to attribute it to only one source, but they say that the Left has the attention span of a goldfish and we wouldn’t remember something that happened 6 months ago. Savage isn’t the one who’s dangerous though.

    It’s the concentrations of stupidity represented by his loyal fans that’s dangerous.

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