With no solution for America’s economic woes, Obama steers the country towards yet more Resource Wars

troops-protect-oil-supplyBarack Obama is playing a giant con game with the American people, as he gives away tax monies right, left, and center without any ability to really solve America’s economic woes by the framework constructed through his giveaways. At the center of this fraud is his camouflaging of the entire military industrial governmental complex’s constant appetite for yet more Pentagon based welfare. He’s pouring more troops into Afghanistan, maintaining US military presence in Iraq, and upholding the use of torture behind the pretense (GWOT) of waging a war against non US State or Israeli State Terrorism. Why?

The US government is simply engaged in a gigantic geopolitical contest, better thought of as economic warfare, to control the world’s declining natural resource base. Barack Obama is now the US Commander in Chief in this war, and he is not about to end it. He is no new thinker for the US ruling elites in their war games.

Meanwhile, the US government of Obama is churning out new debt like no end, but there will be an end and it will not look pretty to those who will suffer this latest world capitalist economic collapse. There is no current US government stimulus that can actually change the overproduction and excessive world stock piles of goods that has occurred. People will get laid off, and with normal capitalist market operations as before and now, they will in turn add to the problem of overproduction and declining purchasing power to get those warehoused goods moving out.

War though can destroy economies, nations, and peoples. It can change the entire picture when the destruction really gets going at full speed. Jobs then will get created…. but they will get just get created the hard way. Obama is steering the country, and in fact the entire world, toward yet more Resource Warfare. He is just plain bad news, as the entire US liberal and Left is just plain left flat footed in being The Reply that is so needed.

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