Sean Paige appointed to City Council

Here’s the plan. After the Tuesday noon RALLY AGAINST GREED on the city steps, dash up to the city council chambers where ex-Gazette editor, now Teabag charlatan, Sean Paige will be attending his first meeting. Before 1PM, sign up to speak during the public comment period, you’ll be allotted three minutes. What is there to say about Paige’s appointment over qualified candidates to replace Councilman Jerry Heimlicher? Just say “You’ve GOT to be freaking kidding me.” Leave a long pause as you look each of them in the eye. Repeat. Make it a long 3 minutes.

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2 Responses to Sean Paige appointed to City Council

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    What was it? Nineteen candidates and they chose Page? Twenty-two and they chose Barack? These are definitely scary times…

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, the punk is now instated as a City Council-freak.

    He actually used the words “so help me God”, every time I see some Neo-Fascist do that I’m going to stand as far away as possible in case of stray lightning bolts.

    For those not in The Springs, this is one of the local mouthpieces of the doctrine that punishing people for exercising Free Speech doesn’t actually suppress Free Speech. Last month the Tea Party were downtown screaming that Congress Critter Joe Wilson being told he’s a bad person for being well, a complete and total home-made colonic cleanser…. was “Tyranny!” and suppression of free speech. Including Our Boy Paige. Did he stand up when the Colorado Springs Gestapo beat people up for marching in a parade? No. he did not.

    His Mealy Mouthed hypocrisy is just one of his Moral Deficiencies. Come to think of it, that makes him fit right in with the Local Establishment.

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