Quality DysControl Syndrome

quality controlQuality DysControl Syndrome is what dominates our economic activity though it wasn’t supposed to be this way according to Big Business. They said self regulation was best but we can easily define Quality DysControl Syndrome as being the exact polar opposite of Quality Control, which is only produced from external regulations being enforced.

Regulations like meat examinations to make sure that there is no trichinosis in the pork, e-coli in the beef and so on. Regulations that routinely put chlorine and fluoride in the tap water, and make sure that raw sewage or mercury is not just dumped off into the lakes, or that brakes don’t routinely fail on cars due to poor quality of raw materials or poor design of the product, etc. If you don’t have regulations in place you most often get Quality DysControl Syndrome. That’ what we got in most cases.

Why is there so much Quality DysControl Syndrome and so little Quality Control in our economic life? The answer is easy to see and is simple. Quality Control costs much more upfront than lack of Quality Control ever does. However, Quality DysControl Syndrome eventually costs so very much more over the long run, but unfortunately for society, those additional costs can be hidden and then later passed on far away from the original point of production.

See dyscontrol syndrome, the medical definition. Our society suffers from business dyscontrol syndrome.

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