Right Wing Comments, the gift that keeps on giving…

First we’ll get the indignant denials that the War is against Anybody Arabic or similarly dark-skinned and third world…
or that there’s anything Racist or White Man’s Burden about it…

That we’re really only fighting for their Rights and Freedoms…

Then we get some nudnik admitting that he actually enjoyed killing civilians.
That would be two comments in the Unexpurgated Face of War thread.

They say they “gave” us the right to dissent, but when mention is made of Pig Brutality against demonstrators or anybody else who is beaten, chained, falsely charged… for daring to talk back, and like at the St Paddies Day Massacre two years ago not ONE Uniform Clad person actually stood up for our rights…

Sure as shittin’ some RightWing Nutjob will post a comment that we deserved to get beaten down.

And so it goes.

Maybe some of the ones who whine about how we’re “wrong to criticize the Troops and “OUR” leaders and whatever…” instead of trying to force or coerce or cajole or shame US into being silent or cooperative with the Fascist Agenda, get in contact with your right wing freak buddies when they boast about killing civilians.

All the denials and protestations that “The Troops” never committed any atrocities get shot down not by our voice of reason, but by your Right Wing Heroes.

Kind of like Dr Laura Schlesinger, in order to deflect the ChickenHawk label she actually still deserves, offered her own son up as a sacrifice on the Altar to His Satanic Majesty Bush…

Then he posts youtube videos and pictures on his myspace page, and long rants about all the war crimes he was involved in.

The two Marines who killed a puppy by throwing it over a cliff, things like that.

People who don’t seek out their Big-Mouthed Comrades and order or shame THEM into silence have really no moral prerogative to try to tell us how wrong they think we are for simple stating and restating the facts…

Meanwhile, Right Wing Loose-Lip Loonie-toons, thank you.

Your comments are very much appreciated.

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